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30" Double Wide Console for 2004-2017 International

Part # C-D1510-IN1

30" Double Wide Console for 2004-2017 International

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MSRP: $857.19*


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Product Details:

  • Double 15" console with mounting and V-Mux control panel bracket
  • Total 30" enclosed console with V-Mux control panel bracket top mounted
  • Includes vehicle mounting brackets, includes filler plates (FP) and/or equipment brackets (EB) to completely enclose mounting area less internal mount options
  • 17.8" wide by 23" long
  • Fits the following Model trucks with bucket seats
  • Durastar Series models; 4100, 4200, 4300, 4300LP, 4400, 4400LP
  • Workstar Series models; 7300, 7400, 7500, 7600, 7701
  • Vehicle must have flat floor and no obstacles between bucket seats
  • Accepts C-CUP2-I-A15 (15°) angled cup holder (sold separately)
  • Does not accept all C-AP accessory pockets
  • Double check console Side View Depth Measurements to confirm application


  • Gross Weight: 32.00 lbs

Abbreviated Product Description:

CON, C-DS, 30TMS, 15DG, HC, W-VMT, IN1, 04-11,