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Utility Adapter Panel for 2013-2018 Ford Interceptor

Part # CM005159

Utility Adapter Panel for 2013-2018 Ford Interceptor

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MSRP: $32.55*


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Product Details:

  • Optional adapter panel for 2013-2018 Ford Interceptor Utility
  • Designed to adapt C-VS-1600-EXPL-1 console to a 2013-2018 Ford Interceptor Utility with interior upgrade package (Ford option code 65U)
  • Also works in 2013-2018 Ford Interceptor Utility with standard interior package
  • Ford interior upgrade package includes a OEM center console that must be removed
  • Must be used with C-VS-1600-EXPL-1 console (sold separately)
  • Replaces C-VS-1600-EXPL-1 console gear shift / cup holder panel
  • Requires new C-CUP2-I cup holder when gear shift panel is removed (sold separately)
  • Converts 16 inch equipment space to 24 inches equipment space
  • Includes two (2) 7/8" holes for 12 volt sockets (12 volt sockets with wire and fuse are included with C-VS-1600-EXPL-1)
  • Includes cutout for OEM aux / MP3 panel or blank panel


  • Gross Weight: 1.00 lbs

Abbreviated Product Description:


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