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Brother Arm Rest Printer Bracket: Pedestal

Part # C-ARPB-102

Brother Arm Rest Printer Bracket: Pedestal

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MSRP: $343.97*


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Product Details:

  • Arm rest printer bracket: pedestal
  • Brother PocketJet 6 and 7 printer mount
  • Paper loads from end of housing by removing a "spin on" cap
  • Anti roll back bracket included with printer mount assembly (replacement part number CM005189)
  • Accepts Brother paper roll - 2-1/4" outside diameter x 8.5" long with .50" inside diameter spindle
  • Doubles as a padded armrest
  • Attaches to Havis tunnel/trak mounting bases
  • Unique design tilts upwards 90° and rotates side to side
  • 4" inches adjustable height
  • Minimum overall height 12" inches / maximum overall height 16" inches
  • Rotates to aid in removing weapons from partition area
  • Arm rest gives you the convenience of a hinged top to provide quick access to vital equipment
  • Material: heavy duty extruded aluminum housing and heavy-gauge steel for rugged durability
  • Replaces part number ARPB-P
  • Replacement "spin on" end cap for paper roll access part number CM003312
  • Brother PocketJet 6 and 7 printer mount


  • Gross Weight: 13.00 lbs

Abbreviated Product Description:


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