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DISCONTINUED [Configure Your Computing Device - Link Below]

Part # UT-203

DISCONTINUED [Configure Your Computing Device - Link Below]

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MSRP: $255.40*


* Visit How to Buy for personalized pricing information.

Product Details:

  • Configure Your Computing Device
  • Havis rugged universal tablet cradle added width of 9.80" to 11.74
  • Compatible with tablet heights of 6.83" to 8.13", widths 9.80" to 11.74", depths of 0.55"-0.93"
  • Non-electronic tray is adjustable to fit and secure a large variety of tablet models
  • Engineered with lightweight materials to maximize strength while minimizing weight
  • Thin profile maximizes space inside your mobile workplace
  • Fits all VESA 75 pattern mounting equipment
  • Designed with rounded corners and edges for added safety in event of accident or airbag deployment in addition to daily use and operation of cradle
  • Latch handle functionality for added portability to easily insert and remove tablet
  • Lock and key supplied for peace of mind theft deterrence
  • Havis highly recommends protecting devices with a cover, for accurate solution options measure with cover on.
  • Works with optional accessory Havis desktop stand (DS-DA-218, ordered separately)
  • Compatible keyboard solutions are available for all tablets.
  • Configure Your Computing Device


  • Product weight: 3.20 lbs.
  • Compatible computer sizes: height 6.83" to 8.13", width 9.80" to 11.74", depth 0.55" to 0.93"
  • Gross Weight: 3.50 lbs

Abbreviated Product Description:


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