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1997-2017 Ford E-Series Van Premium Passenger Side Mount Package, Stability Support Arm

Part # PKG-PSM-206

1997-2017 Ford E-Series Van Premium Passenger Side Mount Package, Stability Support Arm

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MSRP: $712.83*


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Product Details:

  • Premium passenger side mount package for 1997-2016 premium passenger side mount package Ford E-Series van , stability support arm
  • Premium PKG-PSM package includes a heavy-duty vehicle specific base plate, heavy-duty pole with height adjust handle, swing arm motion device with tilt-swivel and stability support arm.
  • By bundling all of the necessary parts in one sku we have simplified the ordering process
  • The heavy-duty vehicle specific mounting base mounts to existing OEM seat bolts for easy installation (C-HDM-106)
  • Heavy-duty height adjustable poles bolt to the vehicle specific base. precision machined parts eliminate metal-to-metal contact and allow for smooth movement during height adjustment. (C-HDM-203)
  • Swing arms with motion adapters are ideal for computer usage from both the driver and front passenger seats (C-MD-102)
  • Stability support arms add upper pole support for premium to level stability (C-HDM-401)
  • Packages are complete and you must order as-is. there will be no substitutions on any parts.


  • Gross Weight: 27.00 lbs

Abbreviated Product Description: