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2013-2018 Ford Interceptor Utility Premium Fold Up Cargo Plate

Part # C-TTP-INUT-1

2013-2018 Ford Interceptor Utility Premium Fold Up Cargo Plate

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MSRP: $564.82*


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Product Details:

  • Premium fold up cargo plate fits 2013-2018 Ford Interceptor Utility
  • Plate assembly with fold up equipment platform for mounting electronic components
  • Replaces OEM rear cargo floor / spare tire cover and attaches without drilling holes
  • Equipment to be mounted on the underside of plate for protection (6" high space from top of spare tire to bottom of plate)
  • Installer must drill and bolt on equipment as desired
  • Door is hinged down in the closed position
  • Works with Havis, inc. K9 inserts
  • Works with some other mfg. rear partitions by removing or modifying forward filler panel. partition brackets may also need to be modified
  • As of 8/1/15 two lower brackets were added to provide additional support for heavy items mounted on top of tray.
  • Optional retrofit support bracket kit available for trays purchased prior to 8/1/15 (part number CM007390)
  • Includes two (2) gas springs for assistance in opening or closing door
  • Does not work with retail Ford Explorer
  • Optional floor mat available - 45.375" wide x 45.625" long x .188" thick -heavy duty masticated rubber (p/n: KNM01029-SUV) floor mat will require cutting to desired size


  • 80 lb. maximum weight rating for equipment that is bolted to the underside of platform. (weight evenly distributed)
  • Capable of holding platform in the open position with 100 lbs. of evenly distributed equipment weight (combined top and underside of platform)
  • Optional heavier duty gas springs available. see complete C-TTP-INUT-200 or CM006074 (pair of heavy duty gas springs)
  • 400 lb. weight carrying capacity for cargo stored on top of the platform when closed. (will not hold 400 lbs. in open position)
  • Mounting surface for equipment is 37.25" wide x 31" deep (front to back) x 6" high (to top of spare tire)
  • Top of main platform measures - 40.5" wide x 38" deep (front to back)
  • Forward trim panel measures - 40.5" wide x 12" deep (front to back)
  • Forward trim panel goes up to OEM rear seats or K9 kit Model K9-F18 (trim panel not used with K9-F18-PT)
  • Works with C-TTP-INUT-2 (sold separately)
  • 14-gauge formed steel with a black medium texture powder coat finish
  • Gross Weight: 75.00 lbs

Abbreviated Product Description:

TRNK, TOP, PLT, INUT, 13-18, SP,

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