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2013-2019 Ford Interceptor Sedan Full Width Trunk Tray Bearing

Part # C-TTB-INSE-1

2013-2019 Ford Interceptor Sedan Full Width Trunk Tray Bearing

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MSRP: $492.08*


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Product Details:

  • 2013-2019 Ford Interceptor Sedan full width trunk tray bearing
  • Full width trunk tray with equipment mounting surface of 36.25" width x 19.25" deep
  • 20" heavy duty ball bearing slides with lock in / lock out feature
  • No holes drilled installation utilizing a hanging tray design
  • Adjustable tray height positioning - 5.5" MIN/8.5" max from top of tray to trunk ceiling, 7.5" min / 10.5" max from bottom of tray to trunk floor
  • Tray "mounting platform only" is easy to remove with two bolts for bench top equipment pre-installation
  • Optional 6.5" high equipment guard C-TTB-EG-03 (sold separately)
  • 12 gauge welded steel frame with 14 gauge tray
  • Spare tire is removable only when tray is installed at higher height
  • Notes: 1. The photos that show the OEM (optional) side mount was purposely included to show that the C-TFD-INSE-1 does work with it. 2. if using the Havis C-TTB-INSE-1 trunk tray, the OEM (optional) side mount door will be blocked as noted on that product
  • Will block OEM optional driver side storage compartment door
  • 100 lbs. maximum weight carrying rating


  • Gross Weight: 70.00 lbs

Abbreviated Product Description: