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Model Abbrev. 2 Piece Part # 1 Piece Part #
10-8 Video Model 10-8SD2ch DVR (c) C-EB25-T8V-1P
10-8 Video Model HD4 DVR (c) C-EB30-VHD-1P
2 USB Connector cutouts C-EB10-USB2-1P
4.5" Radio Speaker with 3.5" x 3.5" mounting hole pattern C-EB45-SPK-1P
AceK9 Hot-N-Pop Model 5010 & 5020 Havis p/n K9-A-201 (c) C-EB35-RHP-1P
AceK9 Hot-N-Pop Model 5010 & 5020 with 2 switch cutouts Havis p (c) C-EB45-RHS-1P
Axon AX1033 (c) C-EB25-AX1-1P
Bendix King DMH (sc) C-EB25-131 C-EB30-DMX-1P
Bendix King DMH (ro) C-EB30-DMR-1P
Bendix King EMH (sc) C-EB25-131
Bendix King GMH (sc) C-EB25-131 C-EB30-DMX-1P
Bendix King GMH (ro) C-EB30-DMR-1P
Brooking Industries BR960 (sp) C-EB25-125 C-EB25-SW3-1P
Brooking Industries BR970 (sp) C-EB25-125 C-EB25-SW3-1P
Colt Z28 (sr) C-EB15-156
D&R Advanced Wireless RDS (s) C-EB30-RDS-1P
DATA 911 DP-12-2001 MDVR (s) C-EB25-MMT-1P
DATA 911 DP-12-2001 MDVR for 3.3" Section of Wide Consoles C-VSW (s) C-EBW85-MMT-1P
Decatur Genesis 2 (ra) C-EB15-156
Diesel Boss Recorder (c) C-EB30-DB4-1P
Digitcom PM-825N (c) C-EB25-068
Dodge Charger OEM Aux input module (c) C-EB15-DAP-1P
E-Seek M250 Card Reader (c) C-EB40-ES5-1P
E-Seek M260 Card Reader (c) C-EB40-ES6-1P
Eagle Eye 110 MDVR (c) C-EB25-MMT-1P
Eagle Eye 110 MDVR (c) C-EB30-MMT-1P-A
Eagle Eye 110 MDVR for 3.3" Section of Wide Consoles C-VSW & C-W (c) C-EBW85-MMT-1P
Eagle Eye 200-RHD MDVR (c) C-EB30-MMT-1P-A
Eagle Eye 200-RHD MDVR (c) C-EB25-MMT-1P
Eagle Eye 200-RHD MDVR for 3.3" Section of Wide Consoles C-VSW & (c) C-EBW85-MMT-1P
Emtrac Traffic Pre-empt (ra) C-EB30-100
Factory USB/AUX module for the 2013-2017 Dodge Ram 1500 Special (c) C-EB20-RAU-1P
ford OEM Auxiliary input/USB module (c) C-EB20-FRD-1P
Freeflight RANGR-G FDL-978-GTX/E (c) C-EB20-FRG-1P
Fujitsu Ten Radio (c) C-EB30-100
Fujitsu Ten UHF-VHF Custom (c) C-EB65-106
Getac Video DVR (c) C-EB35-GDV-1P
Hytera model MD782G remote head radio (sc) C-EB30-HMD-1P
ICOP 20/20-W/Digital In-car Video Recorder System (c) C-EB40-056
Knox-Box 3200 Series (c) C-EB50-KBX-1P
Kussmaul Auto Charger (c) C-EB35-KAC-1P
Kustom Eagle Plus (c) C-EB20-106
Kustom Eyewitness - Video (c) C-EB25-106
Kustom G3 Digital Eyewitness DVR (c) C-EB25-KSG-1P
Kustom Pro 1000 Radar (N8) (ra) Refer to Note 8
Kustom Pro 1000DS (downsized model Pro1000) (ra) C-EB20-106
Kustom Pro 2000DS (ra) C-EB20-106
L3 Communications Digital Recorder Model FB2-K (c) N/A C-EB30-L3F-1P
L3/Mobile Vision Flashback 3 Display / Monitor (c) C-EB45-L3F-1P
L3/Mobile Vision Flashback 3 DVR (c) C-EB25-081 C-EB30-L33-1P
L3/Mobile Vu Flashback Digital Recorder FB04-H (c) N/A C-EB30-L3F-1P
MPH Model 36 Radar (ra) C-EB30-106
Panasonic AG-CPD15 Digital Recorder (c) Not Recommended C-EB25-PAN-1P
Panasonic AG-CPD20 Digital Recorder (c) C-EB40-PAN-1P
Panasonic AG-CPD20 Digital Recorder (c) C-EB40-PAN-1P-A
Panasonic WJ-VR30 Network Recorder (c) C-EB40-PAN-1P
Panasonic WJ-VR30 Network Recorder (c) C-EB40-PAN-1P-A
Pannin Enforcer 2 Digital recorder (sc) C-EB30-PIO-1P
Patco Tracker (c) C-EB20-PTR
Patrol Witness PW6-HD DVR (c) C-EB20-PW6-1P
Pyramid Communications SVR-200U (r) C-EB15-SVR-1P
Radio Shack PRO 2051 (r) C-EB25-075
Radio Shack TRC-483 (cb) C-EB20-143
RoadPro RPSP-15 CB Extension Speaker (sp) C-EB35-RPS-1P
Roadrunner SP1040PCB (s) C-EB40-RSP-1P
Safety Vision Route Recorder CF MDVR C-EB20-081 C-EB25-MMT-1P
Safety Vision Route Recorder CF MDVR C-EB30-MMT-1P-A
Safety Vision Route Recorder CF MDVR for 3.3" Section of Wide Co (c) C-EBW85-MMT-1P
Seat heater control switches for retail 2015Tahoe C-EB25-TSC-1P
Smith & Wesson 800PC (s) C-EB25-118
Stalker Dual by Allied Concept (ra) C-EB20-150
Superturbo (Galls T-AP044) (sr) C-EB20-168
Tele Tec Omni (r) C-EB25-068
Telox M6 (r) C-EB40-TM6-1P
Tomar 940 (s) C-EB40-TOM-1P
Tomar 948L (s) C-EB40-TOM-1P
Tomar 948L-DCP (s) C-EB40-TOM-1P
Unistar LCS800-F (c) C-EB50-LCS-1P
Unistar LCS850-F (c) C-EB50-LCS-1P
Universal Radio GRE PSR-600 (r) C-EB25-062
USB Connector C-EB10-USB-1P
USB Connector/SD Card Reader C-EB20-USD1-1P
USB Connector/SD Card Reader C-EB20-USD1-1P
Vascar Plus 3 C-EB25-118
Vascar Plus 3c C-EB25-106
Vascar Plus, Vascar Plus 2 C-EB30-VCP
WatchGuard 4RE DVR C-EB20-WGD-1P
WatchGuard 4RE DVR for 3.3" Section of Wide Consoles C-VSW & C-W (c) C-EBW85-WGD-1P
If you cannot find your bracket, click here to
search the Equipment Bracket Crossover Chart.
Abbrev Explanation
(c) Control Head
(cb) Citizen's band radio
(ch) Charger
(d) Control head - amp detached
(eb) Equipment bracket
(fp) Filler Plate
(mc) Micro Com Series siren
(ms) Master Com Series siren
(mr) Mobile Radio
(p) Pack or siren
(r) Radio
(ra) Radar
(ro) Remote head only
(s) Siren
(sb) Switch Box
(sc) Self-contained
(sh) With scan head
(sm) Smart siren
(sp) Switch panel
(sr) Scanner
(ss) Series of sirens
(sx) Siren with extra switch pack
(tr) Vehicle tracking device
(wp) With one(1) HLN Switch
(N1) Side switches must be moved
(N3) Installer to drill mount holes
(N5) Midland radios have 3 different styles; Syntec I (one or two piece), Syntec II (one or two-piece), and Syntec XTR. Syntec XTR has two different size one-piece control heads, and one two-piece head. Please specify which style.
(N8) Too wide to fit inside standard console; mounts externally.
(N10) Combo bracket for 2 heads.
(N11) Motorola models using EB40-MA9 with factory supplied bail bracket- on/off by hand, 6-1/2" wide, allows space so you can reach the on/off switch. The EB35-MA9 flush mount does not allow access to the control head on/off switch.
(N12) Thin, flat clamshell-style control heads like Motorola A-3, or GE Ranger S-550 have round knobs which require access to both the top and bottom of the control face. The wire harness comes out of the top back portion of the head. Recess mounting this type of control head won't let you see it easily. Our brackets hold the control head up and out from the console approx. 1-1/2", allowing the knobs to be used, and the numbers on the control face to be visible to the driver.