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2-Piece Equipment Mounting Bracket, 2.5" Mounting Space, 0.81" Bend

Part # C-EB25-081

2-Piece Equipment Mounting Bracket, 2.5" Mounting Space, 0.81" Bend

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MSRP: $30.28*


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Product Details:

  • Equipment mounting bracket
  • 2-Piece equipment mounting bracket, 2.5" mounting space, 0.81" bend
  • Equipment mounting bracket
  • Compatible with: Federal Signal PA-500L
  • Compatible with: Kenwood TK-690, Kenwood TK-720, Kenwood TK-720H, Kenwood TK-690H, Kenwood TK-790H, Kenwood TK-890, Kenwood TK-890H, Kenwood TK-5710, Kenwood TK-5810 & Kenwood TK-5910
  • M/A-COM/Com-Net/Ericsson/GE Ericsson KMC 100/300, M/A-COM M-5300, M/A-COM EDACS Provoice jaguar 725M, M/A-COM/Com-Net/Ericsson/GE mls
  • Miscellaneous mobile vision flashback
  • Uniden BC-780XLT, Uniden BC-785D


  • Gross Weight: 0.50 lbs

Abbreviated Product Description:

BRKT, EQUIP, 2PC, 2.5MS, 0.81BND, SP,

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