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Havis Screen Blanking Solutions powered by Blank-it

Part # DS-DA-801

Havis Screen Blanking Solutions powered by Blank-it

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Product Details:

  • Includes BL205-STD, 3 year warranty, and 3 year software license
  • Blank-it is a combination of multi sensor ruggedized hardware and intelligent software technology-self-contained, requires no power from vehicle and does not rely on GPS signals
  • Can be embedded in a docking station or secured by a Havis tamper proof cover for added security and compliance
  • Installation is quick, easy and unobtrusive - no drilling, hardwiring, antennae or GPS required for installation or use
  • Each installation of blank-it is independent for operators that have their own tablet/laptop but often change vehicles. 
  • A computing device with blank-it installed will provide the same level of protection in any vehicle, provided it has a docking station.
  • Screen blanking solution to prevent driver distraction by managing your in-vehicle computer displays
  • Reduces visual, cognitive, and physical distractions by disabling or restricting use of in-vehicle computer when in motion
  • Configurable for a variety of work environments, such as public safety, warehouse, utility, and field services industry in fleets of all sizes
  • Customize with nominated programs (restricted access), allowing use of maps and other personalized programs, or simply disable all functions for driver
  • Nominated programs means there will be no impact on operational procedures.
  • Blank-it provides functionality that allows mass distribution of configuration settings and future updates to any size fleet, including movement sensitivity thresholds and other programs
  • Does not rely on third party applications that may void your vehicle's warranty
  • Optional override cable (Havis part ID: DS-DA-315) allows full vehicle display function when positioned to face passenger


  • Compatible operating system: Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Software: Microsoft .net framework (2.0 or greater)
  • Requires one free USB port
  • Required drivers: the blank-it motion sensor requires certain drivers, obtained automatically through windows update, or downloaded from blank-it's website client area - no registration or login is required to download these drivers.
  • Gross Weight: 0.25 lbs

Abbreviated Product Description: