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Part # C-DMM-123


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MSRP: $552.92*


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Product Details:

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  • Swing out dash monitor mount base for 2013-2019 Ford Interceptor Utility
  • visit our monitor mount configurator for information on a complete system.
  • Swing out dash monitor mount base for 2013-2019 Ford Interceptor Utility
  • No AM/FM radio relocation needed
  • Spring latch easily secures monitor when pushed into closed position
  • Configurable for many computer monitors
  • Works with C-MM-200 Series monitor adapter and C-MM-300 Series adapter bracket for easy installation (sold separately) see C-DMM configurator
  • Excellent space saving solution
  • Positions computer monitor in a safe, convenient line of sight
  • The monitor has 20° side to side swivel
  • Requires slight modification to dash trim panel. see installation instructions
  • 10 lb. weight carrying rating
  • Includes VESA 75 hole pattern on side to side swivel
  • Some equipment with VESA 75 hole pattern may still need the C-MM-201 and C-MM-301 for improved positioning away from the shifter lever


  • If additional damping is desired because of heavier equipment, an optional stronger gas spring is available under part number CM86662-30 (sold separately) installer must change out gas spring as needed.
  • DMM's manufactured after 8/2015 have increased swivel capability from 10 degrees in each direction to 15 degrees. an additional 10 degrees is added when using the outer pivot hole. for units manufactured prior to 8/2015 a retrofit kit (CM005472) is availa
  • Works with C-VS-1400-INUT, C-VS-1308-INUT, C-VS-1200-INUT and C-VS-2400-INUT consoles
  • Gross Weight: 7.00 lbs

Abbreviated Product Description:


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