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K9 Transport Hot-N-Pop Unit Option

Part # K9-A-201

K9 Transport Hot-N-Pop Unit Option

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MSRP: $2,594.47*


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Product Details:

  • K9 transport option
  • Includes heat alarm pro K9-A-203
  • Includes remote door pop system for sedans, SUVs and trucks
  • Order optional C-EB35-RHP-1P or C-EB35-RHS-1P bracket if mounting control head in console
  • Effective 12/1/10 K9-A-303 K9 remote pager/beeper module is no longer included as a standard feature with this item and must be purchased separately
  • As of 10/1/12 K9-A-306 engine stall sensor is no longer included as a standard feature and must be purchased separately
  • Sept 2011- sept 2012 the no K9 left behind feature was included, and now it is an optional feature. part # K9-A-304 must be purchased separately
  • K9-A-201 includes:
  • Control head
  • Intelabox
  • Protective relay module
  • S.o.s horn honk output
  • Siren activation output
  • Lightbar activation output
  • Dual window drop kit dual temperature sensors
  • Remote with holster for door popper, Heavy-duty solenoid kit , gas spring with Heavy-duty stainless steel mounts, system wiring harnesses, installation instructions, vehicle specific wiring information


  • Vehicle make, Model and year required when ordering
  • Gross Weight: 13.00 lbs

Abbreviated Product Description:


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