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Part # K9-D26


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MSRP: $5,606.54*


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Product Details:

  • This product is no longer available, please see "resources" tab above for historic documentation.
  • Havis is developing new products daily, please view all of our latest innovations.
  • Kit housing with one front sliding door, aluminum door panels and fold-down interior window guards
  • Fabricated from Heavy-duty aluminum for long-lasting durability
  • Super durable white powder coat finish on main components
  • Black medium texture semi gloss powder coat finish on center sliding door and window guards
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Designed to maximize driver seat travel without compromising K9 entry
  • Mounts to OEM mounting points. (no drilling required)
  • Includes heavy duty rubber mat
  • Window guards include bolt on flat panels that can be removed for optional 10" emergency exhaust fan mounting
  • Optional 10" fan and mount kit (use p/n: - K9-A-104) can mount on driver or passenger side
  • K9 kit window guards include a .281" x 1.75" slotted hole pattern to minimize the possibility of fingers accidently being put into the K9 compartment
  • Includes adaptors and hose to connect from OEM ductwork under seats. hose connects to vents on K9 compartment front wall
  • Ceiling also includes LED dome light with white or red color feature. (two position rocker switch included)
  • 12" fan not recommended
  • Upper guard on rear wall folds down to allow easy access and cleaning of window


  • Lower rear wall includes locking fold down door for additional storage and access
  • Purchasing OEM optional running boards is recommended to aid in K9 entry
  • Kit dimensions: 31" deep by 64" wide by 40" high
  • Front entry door opening 14" wide x 30" high
  • Storage space between rear K9 wall and cab wall = 8 inches deep x width of cab
  • Side entry openings: 24" wide x 35" high
  • K9 compartment floor to ground: 31.125"
  • Does not accept the K9-A-101 option
  • Gross Weight: 275.00 lbs

Abbreviated Product Description:


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