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Third Generation Communications Hub

Part # DS-DA-602

Third Generation Communications Hub

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MSRP: $215.22*


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Product Details:

  • Rugged Communications hub
  • Unit includes rugged Communications hub, USB and power cables, driver software, 2.0 amp fuse, and mounting hardware
  • Maximize data productivity when device uptime counts with the highest quality solution on the market
  • Improved diagnostics monitor USB port availability and current overage, as well as monitoring the power input
  • Improved strain relief secures your cable connections, preventing disconnects and connector damage
  • Economical expansion of peripherals for your work environment, such as in-vehicle video, GPS, scanners, card readers, and printers
  • Keeps your peripherals safe from damage during over-voltage, engine cranking and voltage spikes
  • Ideal for use in unfavorable conditions where ruggedness and reliability is a necessity, such as mobile workplaces, manufacturing plants, shipping/loading docks, construction, and agricultural industries
  • Two mounting options allow safe and secure installation of rugged hub to any application


  • Four (4) fully powered USB 2.0 output ports (type a connectors), one (1) USB 2.0 input port (type b connector), one (1) Ethernet RJ45 port, 9-24V dc power input, 2.0 amp fuse
  • Gross Weight: 2.00 lbs

Abbreviated Product Description:


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