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2013-2018 Dodge Ram 1500 Special Services Police Truck Vehicle Specific 22" Console

Part # C-VS-0814-RAM-2

2013-2018 Dodge Ram 1500 Special Services Police Truck Vehicle Specific 22" Console

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MSRP: $613.58*


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Product Details:

  • 2013-2018 Dodge Ram 1500 special services police truck vehicle specific 22" console. also fits 2013-2018 1500, 2500 and 3500 Dodge Ram retail pickup with 40/20/40 seats (when center /20/ section is removed)
  • 2018 retail vehicle has OEM media hub that is different if vehicle has an OEM apple carplay option. Havis bracket C-EB15-DAP-1P must be purchased separately if you desire to mount the different style hub into the C-VS-0814-Ram-2 console. C-FP-05 filler pl
  • Does not work with OEM full center console or 4 x 4 floor shifter.
  • If installing console into a Dodge Ram 1500 special service police truck, you will need to separately purchase the C-B66 bracket kit from Havis, inc. or the OEM center seat brackets from a Dodge parts supplier
  • See "related product information" under resources tab for details and part numbers
  • See resources tab above for bracket details in the installation instructions or the related product document for OEM part numbers
  • Replaces factory OEM small center seat section and fits between bucket seats
  • One piece console housing with one piece floor platform
  • Fits against lower dash
  • See drawing min/max for mounting depth allowed for control heads and/or options
  • Vehicle mounting kit included
  • C-HDM-214, C-MD-112 recommended for mounting laptop platform or
  • C-HDM-204, C-MD-204 with C-HDM-302 recommended for mounting laptop platform
  • Also works with C-HDM-111
  • If using a vertical gun rack between seats, a partition with gun alcove is recommended


  • Overall length from dash 28" long
  • Rear horizontal section is 6" high, 9" wide
  • Forward section angles from 6" to 10" high and sides taper from 9" to 12" wide (add approximately 2" height for one piece floor platform)
  • 8" equipment bracket space-angled front (when using included 2" equipment brcket equipment space reduced to 6"), 14" equipment bracket space horizontal rear
  • Includes two (2) 12 volt sockets with wire and fuse and one (1) C-AP-0325 accessory pocket
  • Includes 2" high face plate for OEM aux / USB connectors (p/n: C-EB20-RAU-1P)
  • Gross Weight: 35.00 lbs

Abbreviated Product Description:

CON, VS, 22TMS, 22DG, HC, RAM, 13-18, ,