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retail banking



Expertly designed with security, longevity and theft deterrence in mind, Havis provides a broad portfolio of secure and reliable solutions for retail banking. Give your customers peace of mind – choose from a wide variety of mounting and security options to keep your valuable technology and customer data safe.

safe, reliable AND secure solutions

DM and MM SP Value - Retail Banking

pos & display soLutions

Secure your points of transaction with reliable POS and Display solutions from Havis, ideal for teller booths, desks and more.

KIOSK solutions

Empower customers with our innovative and customizable range of self-service kiosks. Provide customers with essential information, the ability to check-in for appointments and to complete online banking tasks.

Payment terminal stands

Simplify and secure the transaction process with our wide range of payment terminal stand and security options.

Samsung Ingenico Tablet Solution

tablet solutions

Enhance customer service and make customer-staff interactions easy with our expansive portfolio of innovative tablet, docking and charging solutions. 

ABOUT havis

At Havis, we meet every endeavor with your comfort and safety in mind.

We never bend
on safety

If you’re looking for the bare minimum, or a cheap resource, that’s not us. If you’re looking for quality, that’s where we shine. At Havis, we’re proud to support drivers and their passengers with quality and value that will always outperform the alternative.

We make it, and
we make it right

Havis components don’t come from a catalog. Here, we provide solutions that go far beyond what’s expected. Our process of custom manufacturing provides for innovation and reliability that’s tested to meet the demands of modern drivers.

We’ll meet you
where you work

We have a large sales team in the field ready with demos in-hand to help you find the solution you need without all the guesswork. We also stand by our reputation of expertise by handling unique requests and responding with comprehensive support.

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Discover key insights, including Top Business Priorities, Customer Engagement Focus, POS Strategies, Store Technology Trends, and In-Store Mobile Priorities.

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