Mounting Bases
  • Tunnel Mounts

    Tunnel Mounts

    Havis has been known for its proven Tunnel Mounting Systems which allow for endless possibilities in mounting consoles and accessories. Tunnel mounts provide a strong and stable platform for mounting accessories. Wide Tunnel Mounts can be used alone to mount equipment or with a console to extend the equipment mounting area and mount a mobile computer.

  • Pedestal Mounts

    Pedestal Mounts

    Havis Pedestal Mounts are a rugged, professional grade computer mount that combines the perfect balance of strength, safety, and ultra-smooth operation worthy of your most mission-critical computer devices. Build your own Heavy-Duty Mount.

  • Console Mounting Brackets

    Console Mounting Brackets

    Havis vehicle mounting brackets provide a quick and easy way to install a wide range of consoles and accessories. In most cases, they require no drilling and attach to existing seat mounting holes.

  • Poles (C-HDM-200 Series)

    Poles (C-HDM-200 Series)

    Havis’ Heavy Duty Telescoping poles mount to the C-HDM-100 Series Bases and provide easy up and down adjustment to your computer mount. These laptop computer mounts are configurable for many universal laptop, keyboard and docking station mounts and mount to our heavy duty mount vehicle specific bases (C-HDM-100 Series) for easy installation. Build your own Heavy Duty Mount at www.havis.com/hdm

  • Universal


    Havis mounting bases are available in vehicle specific and universal models to proved the strongest mounting solutions for valuable computers and consoles.