Peripheral Mounts
  • Dash Mounts

    Dash Mounts

    Secure tablet & touch screen displays with Havis rugged dash mount solutions.

  • Keyboards & Bundles

    Keyboards & Bundles

    Havis offers a wide range of keyboards for mobile workers. All versions offer the essential features for rugged environments, and they pair with an assortment...

  • Printer Mounts

    Printer Mounts

    Havis’ newly designed arm rests mount easily onto any Console. Their adjustable height allows for the most comfortable configuration enhancing officer comfort and efficiency.

  • Brother Armrest Printer Mounts

    Brother Armrest Printer Mounts

    Havis armrest and printer mount brackets give you the convenience of a hinged top to provide quick access to vital equipment. Unique design rotates from...

  • Card Readers & Scanners

    Card Readers & Scanners

    Experience all office amenities while on the go with these smart and safe keyboard, printer, CPU module, and bar scanner mounts many of which mount...