Frequently Asked Questions


How to order

Find out how to order Havis products and where to find a Havis reseller. If you do not see your question below, please contact sales through our Contact Us form under the Company tab.

Havis does not sell directly to end-users. However, Havis partners with a valued network of Resellers across the United States. All Havis Resellers are expected to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, promote Havis core values of Comfort, Safety, Quality, and be prepared to deliver intelligent solutions to solve customer business problems.

Havis does not sell directly to end-users. However, our website can be used to generate a list of the components needed to build your solution, and you can submit this list as a Request for Quote (RFQ). Our sales team and Preferred Reseller will reach out to you with more information. Get started with our Product Configurator or on any product page in our Catalog.

Currently, orders cannot be modified or canceled via www.havis.com. Please contact the reseller that the product was ordered from, or reach out to the Havis Sales Team.

Havis has Preferred Resellers throughout the United States. Start here with an interactive map that lists resellers by postal code or state.

Havis has Independent Sales Representatives in many regions throughout the United States. Meet the team and use our interactive map to see who covers your territory.

The beauty of the Havis product line is that while it meets the needs of most simple solutions, it also provides scalability to configure just about any type of custom set up. Please contact us to speak with a Configuration Expert today..

For additional product offerings or custom requests, please contact the Havis Sales Team.

For international inquires outside of North America, please contact Stacey Coon, Inside Sales Representative.

Effective June 1, 2010, Havis Inc.’s GSA contract is void. We decided to cancel GSA contract # GS-07F-8807D to eliminate direct competition with our loyal resellers and to streamline our business to focus on our core competencies. Learn more and connect with a loyal reseller with a GSA Contact, listed under Available Contacts.

Order Status & History

Check the status of your order using our simple Order Status tool.
*You will need your Purchase Order ID or Havis Order ID along with your billing zip code.

  • Havis uses the letters F, R, C, H and X to describe the status of orders.
  • (F) Firmed: The order information is complete and accurate and the order has been put in our production schedule.
  • (R) Released: The order has been released to the plant for final assembly and/or packaging and likely will ship in the next 1-4 days, depending on order size.
  • (H) On Hold: The order has been entered but there is a problem with the order or the account pending some resolution. On Hold orders are not put into the production schedule.
  • (C) Closed: The order has shipped and is in transit or already delivered.
  • (X) Canceled: The order has been canceled.

We will work with our production team to see if it is possible expedite your order. Products that are custom or made to order may require full lead times. If you need to expedite an order, please contact the Havis Sales Team.

Current Havis resellers can access their order history by logging into the Havis Reseller Portal and clicking Browse Orders.

Havis has access to historical order data from 1999 until the present.

Shipping Information

To find tracking information for your order, please visit the Order Status tool.
*You will need your Purchase Order ID or Havis Order ID along with your billing zip code.

As long as the order has not shipped, we are more than willing to accommodate shipping method changes. Just contact us to get started.

Havis has introduced a robust shipping calculator that automatically quotes shipping rates per order with our major Logistics Provider. This internally developed software determines actual product dimensions and weights per orders. In addition, the software takes into consideration which building the items ship from and the shipment method selected, which will ensure the most accurate rate possible, using real-time rates. All Shipping costs will be automatically calculated at the time of Order Entry and will appear on the Sales Order Acknowledgement. All prices are F.O.B. Origin. Freight is billed to the customers and will be shipped “best way” unless otherwise specified. All air, ocean, and ground international freight shipment requests will be made on a freight collect basis only. Customer’s freight company name, phone number and account number is required when applicable.

Minimum order: $25.00 net. Terms: Net 30 days on pre-approved credit accounts.

Packaging: Partial shipments will be made unless otherwise specified by the customer. In addition, products can be bulk packaged or assembled as complete units. Primarily orders are bulk packaged unless custom packaging is requested when placing an order. Custom packaging may incur some additional cost.

Order Issues

If you are missing any components from an order, please first check the paperwork and shipping cartons. The bottom of the packing list shows the number of boxes/pallets that were shipped, so make sure that number equals what was received.

Often, bagged hardware is either zip tied directly to each part or included within the shrink-wrapped package.

Boxes that are shipped out will have either a “carton contents” label or a “part ID” label. A carton contents label displays the entire sales order in label form and is adhered to the top of the box. This label is used when there are multiple items inside a box. It will list the quantity of each part that is inside that particular box, and there will be a 1 of X number of boxes field at the bottom.

A part ID label is used when there is just one part inside of a box.

If you are still unable to locate components, please contact us.

In order to trigger a prompt and detailed response for order or installation questions, please provide your order number, reseller name, product part number(s) and any other helpful information. Also refer to the installation instructions, owner’s manual and/or parts breakdown to be sure of the issue.

Credit Policy

Accounts must be in compliance with Havis credit policy which states:

All payments shall be made to Havis, Inc no later than 30 days from the date of the invoice. Shipments will be not released in the event of unpaid invoices and/or those accounts which are beyond established payment terms. Credit manager establishes all credit limits and has final authority to release or hold orders due to late payment. 

Any account found not in compliance with Havis’ credit policy, will be reviewed and discounts and/or terms can be changed upon discretion of Havis management. The terms and conditions of credit granted shall be binding upon Customer in connection with all future business transactions. No other terms and conditions shall be acceptable or binding unless in writing and agreed to in writing by Havis Inc.

Download the full Credit Policy Terms here.

Product Returns

Havis® offers the Customer the opportunity to return items for credit or replacement within the first (30) days from the date of shipment from Havis. Return authorizations are valid for 30 days from the date of issue. If the item(s) are not received within the allotted time, the Return Authorization will be voided. If the box has been opened, a restocking fee of 20% will be deducted from the credit amount. Any request made for the return of an item outside of the (30) day window will not be accepted. If the return is valued to be under $50, the return will not be authorized.

Docking stations that are returned and have been determined to have been installed will not receive credit. Should a return be rejected by the inspector, the reseller will have (30) days to determine course of action. If no reply from the reseller is received within (30) days, items will be disposed of accordingly and no credit will be given.

If you need to begin a return claim, please fill out the Return for Credit or Replacement Form.

To begin a Return for Credit or Replacement, please make sure it satisfies the Havis Return Policy, then fill out the Return for Credit or Replacement Form.

You can check the status of your return claim using the Claim Status Form.

Product Repairs

The cost of repair will be determined by warranty status and level of coverage. All non-warranty charges for services and/or repairs (not covered under the warranty contract) will be quoted based on cost of parts, labor, and shipping.

Loaner docks are reserved for customers that choose to purchase the Enhanced Protection Plan. If you purchased the Enhanced Protection Plan, you can get a loaner dock while your dock is being repaired.

No, Havis does not sell repair parts for the docking stations.

Havis currently does not modify the existing antenna configuration for docking stations that have already been sold.

Warranty Information

At Havis, we’re proud to offer the broadest portfolio of products at the greatest value, while never sacrificing performance. Havis mounting, docking, and mobility solutions often outlast the vehicle and the equipment they secure, saving you money and time. To offer added peace of mind, we provide a Lifetime Warranty on all mounting products and an optional Enhanced Protection Plan on numerous docking stations.

You can view the warranty status of your docking station using the Warranty Status Form.

Reseller Inquiries

Havis values the partnership established with our Reseller network. Havis Resellers are grouped into 3 tiers which are based on several criteria, including historical and current Havis business. All Havis Resellers are expected to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, promote Havis core values of Comfort, Safety, Quality, and be prepared to deliver intelligent solutions to meet your business needs. Below is a general summary of each tier:

  • Platinum Resellers: Consistently demonstrate the ability to identify, develop, and close a high level of Havis business.
  • Gold Resellers: Regularly sell Havis products and achieve a minimum level of annual sales, as determined by Havis.
  • Silver Resellers: Have integrated a basic level of Havis products into their offerings, and achieve a minimum level of annual sales, as determined by Havis.

In order to submit for COOP, please contact the Marketing department through our Contact Us form under the Company tab.

Havis recognizes and rewards resellers who uncover opportunities and who work closely throughout the sales process with both the end customer and the Havis sales team. To apply for DRD, log into the Reseller Portal and submit the Deal Registration Discount Form.

MAP Policy

Yes. Resellers of Havis product agree to abide by Havis’ Minimum Advertised Price policy (“MAP Policy”) as set forth below.

Havis Minimum Advertised Price (M.A.P.) Policy

The Reseller agrees to abide by Havis’ Minimum Advertised Price policy (“MAP Policy”) as set forth in this subsection. The reseller agrees that it will not publish in any advertisement or other form of media, including but not limited to catalogs, mailers, promotional fliers, or Internet or web sites, a price for a Havis product that is more than twenty percent (20%) off of current MSRP.

The MAP Policy does not prevent the distributor from selling a Havis product at any price it chooses. The MAP Policy applies only to published prices in any form of media. It does not prevent the distributor from submitting a bid for the sale of a Havis product, at a price lower that it could advertise the product under the MAP Policy.

Havis has governance in place, and failure to comply with this MAP Policy shall have the following consequences:

  • First violation the Reseller will receive a written warning from Havis.
  • Second violation, the Reseller will be immediately suspended from the Havis Reseller program for a period of one year.The Reseller’s volume discount will be cancelled and the Reseller will receive a standard reseller discount of 30% off MSRP, without liability on the part of Havis, after which the Reseller may be reinstated to the program upon written request.
  • Third violation, the Reseller will be permanently terminated from the Reseller program and, at its discretion; the manufacture may close the Resellers direct account with Havis.

Website Inquiries

Havis has two different types of logins for website users.

  1. Request for Quote module:  To reset your password, visit the Request for Quote login page and follow the directions for resetting.
  2. Preferred Reseller Portal: To get login information for your Reseller account, please contact the Marketing department through our Contact Us form under the Company tab.

Use the search at the top of the website to search Havis products. You can search by solution type or use the Advanced Filters to get even more specific, searching by Make, Model, Year, and/or Vehicle Type.

Please contact us to let us know of potential website issues, and enter the specific issues under Questions/Comments.

In many cases, Havis uses photos that illustrate how a product is used as part of a full system. An individual photo may have many different products in addition to the product you are referencing. Be sure to check the Features & Benefits and Additional Info area for specifics on what is/is not included.

We welcome feedback and suggestions. Please contact us with information you would like to share.

Product Engineering

Havis welcomes the inventiveness of its customers. In order to submit your idea for a new product, please contact us, and enter your specific ideas under Questions/Comments.

To request technical drawings or 3D models or Havis products, please contact us, and enter the specific information you are looking for under Questions/Comments.

Havis, Inc. leads the industry in manufacturing safe, reliable, ergonomic products for mobile workers. We continually improve our products, our services, and ourselves.

Yes, Havis is proud to announce that we are now ISO 9001 certified. This certification complements our history of manufacturing high quality and safe mobile office solutions.

To prepare for certification, Havis assembled a meticulous quality management team, which implemented proper quality procedures and led a series of internal audits. External audits were conducted by VCA, a leading Management Systems Certification company.

For more information on Havis’ ISO 9001 Certification, please visit the Havis Certifications page.

The ISO 9000 standards are a collection of formal international standards, technical specifications, technical reports, handbooks and web based documents on Quality Management. ISO 9001 is one of the most important international quality management system standards. It provides a number of requirements that an organization needs to fulfill in order to achieve customer satisfaction, and it includes a requirement for continual improvement.

ISO 9001 Certification further demonstrates Havis’ commitment to providing our customers with exceptional products and service. Customers can rely on Havis for products that are tested to the highest quality and safety standards, and for mobile office solutions that will improve productivity and comfort in the field.

Marketing & Events

Our logos are available on the Havis Logo Downloads page.

Havis attends many industry events each year. To see a current list of major events that Havis is supporting, check out our Upcoming Events schedule

Product testimonials and photos of products in use can be submitted to the Marketing department through our Havis Equipped form. NOTE: All submissions become the property of Havis, Inc. and by submitting this form, you agree to release all rights to any text, copy, and/or image.

For all website inquiries, please contact the Marketing department through our contact form.

Havis sends out monthly new product bulletins as well as other important industry news. To opt-in to this free service, please submit your contact information through the Contact Us form under the Company tab.

Check out the Havis Branding Guidelines here.