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Test and Evaluation Bench Fees

Havis invests a considerable amount of time and effort on product returns for inspection, test, and evaluation; this process is performed on all products returned for service. This critical effort identifies issues, diagnoses problems, and ensures all product is conforming to design requirements and product specifications. This evaluation is performed on all electrical and mechanical components and subassemblies; this evaluation also includes functional and performance testing using industry standard equipment and software.

For reference: A large portion of this time is dedicated to the customer complaint assessment and product inspection during the Test and Evaluation Bench testing (before a product is repaired):

  • Customer complaint review
  • External visual inspection (configuration, damage, wear, exposure, etc.)
  • Initial Functional Bench Test (if no damaged electrical components, confirm customer complaint)
  • Internal Visual Inspection (tear-down evaluation, assembly inspection)
  • Rebuild/Dock Assembly (update to last production release level)
  • Post-inspection Functional Bench Test (determine if anything changed)
  • Inspection assessment and confirmation (validate complaint, different issue, no issue)
  • Final Bench Test (extended test, all functions, all ports to include power/charge/load/data)
  • Final Assessment (Requires Repair, No Problem Found)

Products returned under warranty (that require repair) will not be charged a Test and Evaluation Bench Fee.

The Test and Evaluation Bench Fee ($75 per each unit returned) applies to the following returns:

  • ALL products returned that are determined to be No Problem Found
  • ALL products returned Out of Warranty period
  • ALL products returned for damage not covered under an existing warranty
  • ALL products returned with environmental exposure/corrosion

If additional repair charges are required, the $75 Test and Evaluation Bench Fee will be credited towards those charges and included in the quoted repair costs.


  • The Test and Evaluation Bench Fee can be waived if the customer utilizes Havis’ Technical Support Service and ALL of the following conditions are met:
    • Havis could not help identify/diagnose and issue over the phone
    • Havis recommended sending the unit in for Test and Evaluation
    • Havis determined the returned product No Problem Found
  • The intent of Test and Evaluation Bench Fees is to motivate customers and end-users to troubleshoot problems and identify issues, then implement the necessary steps to prevent GOOD product from being returned to Havis to testing. This also helps reduce cumulative costs of service, minimize cost of ownership, and eliminate unnecessary downtime in the customer fleet.