Computing Solutions
  • Laptop Docking & Cradles

    Laptop Docking & Cradles

    The industry’s safest and most secure docking solutions for laptops from Dell, Getac, Panasonic, and more

  • Tablet Docking & Cradles

    Tablet Docking & Cradles

    Lightweight and strong solutions for securing a variety of tablets built with theft deterrence, longevity, and stability in mind.

  • Touch Screen Display

    Touch Screen Display

    Save space and increase productivity with an in-vehicle touch screen display of trunk-mounted equipment. Compatible and easy to connect to dash mounts, hinges, swivels, and peripheral connections.

  • Universal Rugged Cradles

    Universal Rugged Cradles

    Havis Universal Rugged Cradles offer a versatile and secure solution for laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

  • Handheld & Phone Docking & Cradles

    Handheld & Phone Docking & Cradles

    Havis Phone Docking Stations and Cradles unlock the full potential of your Smartphone.

  • Power Supplies

    Power Supplies

    Havis offers DC power adapters for a variety of our laptop and tablet docking stations.

  • Peripheral Mounts

    Peripheral Mounts

    Safely connect additional office amenities like printers, card readers, and scanners to your existing equipment and console.

  • Connectivity Accessories

    Connectivity Accessories

    Add even more functionality to your docking station with keyboards and bundles, power supplies, laptop lighting, screen holders, and more

  • Monitor & Tablet Brackets

    Monitor & Tablet Brackets

    Save space in your mobile workstation with mounting systems designed to fit Motorola, L3, Data 911, Amrel, Dell, Panasonic, and more.

  • Search by Manufacturer

    Search by Manufacturer

    Havis’ wide range of computing and mounting solutions and peripheral accessories are a perfect fit for any agency using their vehicle as a mobile workstation....


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Mounting Solutions

The strongest mounting solutions on the market keep the equipment you need in arm’s reach at all times.

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Mounting Solutions