New Vancouver Police Department Patrol Vehicles Utilize Havis IdleRight2

The recent article “New VPD police cars hit the streets” on BigMedicine.ca discussed the Vancouver Police Department’s new fleet of patrol vehicles, which will be delivered over the next three years. With this new fleet, the Vancouver PD will focus on safety and fuel-efficiency, as well as greener operations through their Code Green sustainability program. The goal of this program is to minimize engine idling without compromising police operations and response readiness.

The Vancouver PD selected the V6-powered Dodge Charger for their new fleet, which will be equipped with the Havis IdleRight2™ idle reduction and fuel management system paired with a remote starter and intrusion alarm.

According to the article, “Initial analysis of fuel-economy indicates that a 25% reduction in fuel consumption is achievable with the new Charger patrol vehicle equipped with the idle-management program over the consumption level of the existing police fleet.”

How IdleRight2 Works

IdleRight2 minimizes idle time by monitoring the battery’s voltage while the vehicle is turned off and electronics, such as light bars, radios and computers, are still on. When the battery voltage drops to a pre-set level, the system triggers the remote starter to run the engine long enough for the battery to recharge, then turns the vehicle off again.

This process significantly cuts down on the vehicle’s idle time while allowing the officer to utilize computing and emergency equipment. It continues as needed until the officer reconnects the key with the car.

Calculate Your Savings

IdleRight2 features an LED diagnostics system that not only shows what state the unit is in, but also allows you to quantify your savings by outputting the number of idle hours saved. This data can then be plugged into our Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator to determine total savings in fuel, money, miles and maintenance.

Want to learn more about the Havis IdleRight2?

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