Choosing the Right Mounting & Docking Solutions for Your Mobile Devices in Retail & Hospitality

WARMINSTER, PA, October 31, 2023 –

Recent Trends in Retail & Hospitality

In today’s market, retail and hospitality customers have come to expect a seamless experience as standard. In order to meet these evolving consumer expectations, businesses have continued to explore and leverage all kinds of technologies to provide a frictionless customer experience. In particular, the use of mobile technology in retail and hospitality continues to be a growing trend due to the numerous benefits it can bring to both businesses and their customers.

However, as will be discussed throughout this blog post, choosing the correct mounting and docking solutions for such mobile technology is key to gaining a real competitive advantage and truly meeting the evolving trends and challenges of the current market.

What are Mounting Solutions?

As an integral element of the customer journey in retail and hospitality, it is vital for technology to be mounted appropriately, whether it be staff-facing or customer-facing. By typical definition, mounting solutions are hardware that securely mounts technology in a fixed location to make it easier and safer to use. Nowadays, mounting solutions are available for all kinds of technology in retail and hospitality, from payment terminals, tablets, and monitors to point-of-sale peripherals such as printers and scanners. As such, mounting solutions come in all shapes and sizes – for example, pole mounts, modular mounting systems, kiosk mounts, device stands, and more.

What are Docking Stations?

Similar to mounting solutions, docking stations are also instrumental in retail and hospitality environments. Docking stations are available for a wide range of technology, from mobile devices and tablets to larger devices such as laptops. Docking stations ensure safe and secure connectivity between computing devices and software systems. In retail, seamless connectivity and data synchronization is vital for inventory management, delivery information, and more. Docking stations also provide device charging which helps to ensure that technology is always ready to go mobile, helping to reduce the chance of unexpected device downtime. Docking stations can be used inside the store, in the warehouse and even in vehicles such as forklifts, cars, and trucks.

The Importance and Benefits of Mounting and Docking

The importance of appropriately mounting and docking valuable technology in retail and hospitality cannot be understated. As this blog post will explore, mobile technology is now an integral part of retail and hospitality. As such, mounting solutions and docking stations are vital in enhancing operations and overall customer experience across these industries.

Seamless Connectivity
One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a mounting solution or docking station is the level of connectivity it will provide. Considering the growing importance of technology in retail and hospitality, ensuring seamless connectivity is absolutely essential to achieving efficient operations and optimum levels of productivity. Docking stations keep the user connected online and allow reliable access to important software and data required by employees to do their jobs (eg: inventory levels, delivery information and more). With robust, reliable docking stations, organizations can reap a whole host of benefits such as the elimination of bottlenecks, improved communication and enhanced efficiency overall.

Improve Organization & Brand Image

The utilization of mounting solutions and docking stations can be an excellent way to improve both the organization of the store/hospitality venue as well as the company’s overall brand image. Functionally, mounting technology and getting it off the counter benefits both employees and customers. For store associates, an organized, clutter-free environment can be conducive to higher productivity. For customers, it likely means a more comfortable experience (eg: in terms of technology positioning) and the creation of a more positive brand image.

Health & Safety

For the health and safety of both customers and employees, it is crucial to ensure any technology is securely and appropriately fixed in place. Through the use of appropriate mounting or docking solutions, organizations must ensure that any technology is securely mounted or docked to prevent accidents and potential injury.

Protection of Technology

Given the high initial outlay, a retailer or hospitality venue must consider some form of protection for any technology. If technology is mounted appropriately and securely, this will reduce the chance of theft and accidental damage. For instance, if cables are safely routed through the mounting or docking solution, this will maximize device uptime and, ultimately, help towards increased sales and better customer experience overall. Likewise, providing a secure location to mount or dock mobile devices is also highly beneficial. For instance, instead of being left loose on a countertop, mobile technology can be safely mounted or docked out of harm’s way.

Security & Safe Storage of Devices

Leading on from the point above, mounting solutions and docking stations also provide a safe location to store technology on the premises. In the case of mobile devices, organizations should set up a process for employees that details where valuable mobile technology should be stored at the end of the day. Typically, the charging and storage location for technology will be in the back of the store (eg: in a manager’s office). This set location will help to reduce theft and potential accidental misplacement of technology. Likewise, by establishing a set return process and storage location, devices will always be easy for employees to find at the beginning of the day, thereby reducing the chance of them having to waste time and search around the premises for technology during work hours.

Pictured: DS-ZEB-300 Series - Ideal for secure docking of Zebra ET4X Tablets on forklifts, workstations and more

Charging & Readiness of Mobile Devices

As mentioned, customers now expect an efficient, frictionless experience. As such, integral to the use of mobile payment and computing devices for retailing and hospitality is ensuring such devices are always sufficiently charged. For this, docking stations are an ideal solution. The use of a docking station not only provides a safe storage location for technology, protecting devices from accidental damage and theft, but it also helps to ensure devices are always charged and ready to go mobile whenever and wherever the customer demands. In busy retail environments, device downtime caused by unreliable and/or lack of charging can be a significant hindrance, having a potential negative impact on both the bottom line and customer experience.

Customer Experience

In retail and hospitality, customer experience increasingly revolves around the presence and use of technology. In particular, mobile devices can be a great way to increase the convenience brought to customers, an essential in today’s market, given consumer demand for a seamless, elevated experience. For example, BOPIS (Buy Online Pick-Up In-Store), Endless Aisle, and Line Busting are all increasingly popular use cases for mobile technology in retail. Likewise, some mobile technology may be utilized for fixed use cases throughout the store as and when required. In these instances, it is vital to confirm that the correct mounts/docking stations are chosen. The technology must be secure and all essential functions and features of the technology must be accessible and comfortable for customers.

Increased Sales

In light of consumer desire for convenience, mobile technology has quickly cemented itself as an excellent way to gain (additional) sales. In retailing, mobile use cases such as those mentioned above (eg: BOPIS) are enticing to customers as they are convenient, quick, and easy. With BOPIS for instance, consumers may end up adding more items to their order since all they have to do is check-in with an employee who will then bring their order to the front of store or even to their vehicle (BOPAC).

Overall, if a customer has a positive experience, they may be willing to spend more and become a loyal, returning customer. So, although the initial investment may be significant, mobility solutions can be substantial money-makers in that they improve the customer experience and often encourage clients to purchase more than they may have otherwise.


Related to sales, mounting and docking solutions can also be a powerful form of marketing. In some instances (eg: Havis Mobile Protect Cases), mobility solutions can be branded with company logos, and associated mounts and docks may also be customized with similar branding. For example, free-standing kiosks that mount mobility devices such as tablets can be branded with a company logo, company colors, and other relevant information. Whether located at the point of sale or elsewhere throughout the store, branded mounting and docking solutions are an excellent, yet subtle, marketing method.

Employee Experience & Productivity

Last but not least, and as mentioned near the beginning of this blog, implementing the correct mounting or docking solution for your chosen technology can also be an excellent way to improve employee productivity and their overall experience in the workplace. If technology is not set up ergonomically, it is not likely to be conducive to employee productivity and comfort. At the point of sale, whether fixed or mobile, this could have a negative impact on the number of sales an employee can process in a given time. By adding mounting solutions and accessories that make employees’ jobs easier, retailers and hospitality firms can maintain a certain level of throughput and productivity as standard.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Mounting Solutions or Docking Stations


The first factor that retail and hospitality management must consider is the environment in which the technology will be used. Within both industries, there are various different environments and managers must consider each of these carefully vis-à-vis appropriate mounting or docking solutions. Take retail warehouses, for example – these are often busy, dusty and cold environments, so any technology and associated mount/dock must be able to withstand these conditions. If the environment is not considered, organizations risk sub-standard performance and/or technological damage.

Use Case

Not only are there several different environments to contend with, but there are also a multitude of different technology use cases to consider as well. Nowadays, technology is truly end-to-end, allowing businesses to achieve many goals. However, to reap the full benefits, businesses must consider how the technology will be used. For example, if a mobile device’s intended use is line-busting over an extended time period, it is essential to provide a reliable point of storage and charging (ie; a docking station) so that it is always ready to be used in this manner.


Although it may seem like an obvious point, businesses must ascertain whether their chosen mounting solution or docking station is truly compatible with the technology. For instance, if an ill-fitting mount is chosen, the technology is more likely to suffer accidental damage (eg: if it falls out of a mount/dock). Not only is this bad for the technology itself, but it could also be dangerous for employees and/or customers. It is in any organization’s best interests to prevent accidents and all potential ramifications that could result.


Leading on from above point, durability is arguably one of the most important values to consider when choosing the correct mounting or docking solution. If the chosen solution is not robust enough, it could result in unintended device downtime and potential lost sales if the technology is damaged or rendered unusable. Not only could this be a hit on the bottom line in terms of sales, but also in terms of the cost of replacing or repairing said technology and the associated mount or dock.

Ease of Use

Given the length of time that employees are likely to spend using technology and how central it is to their work, it is crucial to account for how easily and comfortably said technology can be used. As mentioned, if employees find technology uncomfortable and/or difficult to use, this is unlikely to be conducive to optimum levels of productivity. It may also result in some job dissatisfaction and, in extreme cases, workplace injuries (eg: back pain, repetitive strain injuries, and so on).

Rules & Regulations

Finally, retail and hospitality organizations must be aware of any rules, regulations, and standards applicable to their business and operations. When mounting technology, whether in the retail or hospitality space, businesses must consider accessibility and ease of use. Not only is this important for creating optimum customer experiences, but there are also standards to ensure that all customers receive equal access and experiences. In the payments world in particular, there are a specific set of standards created by the PCI Security Standards Council that all retail and hospitality businesses ought to be aware of. You can learn more about these regulations in our recent press release here.

Pax A77 Mobile Protect - Florists
Dual+Ball+Mount_DELL-900_edit (1)
In-vehicle docking station for last mile/delivery/fleet.

Havis Solutions

As one of the top vendors in the retail and hospitality space, providing innovative end-to-end solutions for technology mounting and mobility, Havis is uniquely placed to help organizations of all types and sizes. No matter whether your business is selling products, food, or a service, Havis can provide the correct mounting and/or docking solution for your mobile devices and help your business excel.

In-Store Mounting & Docking Solutions

With the ever-growing use of technology in retail and hospitality and the continued advancements of technology more generally, many different mounting and docking solutions can now be seen in retail and hospitality. From charging stands and kiosks to rugged mounts and docking stations, Havis has an ever-expanding portfolio of cutting-edge solutions. With Havis solutions, businesses can easily and securely mount their chosen mobile technology anywhere in-store and quickly go mobile as and when required.

Warehouse Mounting & Docking Solutions

As discussed, warehouses and similar environments (eg: distribution facilities and yard terminals) are often hectic and challenging operating environments. This can pose challenges for businesses in protecting any technology and associated equipment. As an expert manufacturer with decades of proven results, Havis mounting and docking solutions offer true durability and safety. As warehouses evolve in line with market changes and demands, Havis docking stations have proven critical in supporting the retail and hospitality industry’s drive towards ever-increased efficiency and productivity.

Last Mile/Fleet Mounting & Docking Solutions

In retail and hospitality, the ‘Last Mile’ involves getting a product from A to B (i.e. from the store or restaurant, to the customer). Operations in the last mile are now aided by a wide range of technology, such as mobile computing and payment devices, tablets, and more. As such, organizations must implement in-vehicle solutions to safely and securely mount this technology. Not only is this vital for safety purposes, but such mounts/docks are also conducive to enhanced productivity and user experience. Again, Havis has a broad portfolio of in-vehicle docking and mounting solutions for the last mile, all of which are constructed using high-quality materials and are rigorously tested to provide the safest possible solution.

Pictured: Havis Infographic - End to End Solutions for Big Box Retail


Havis, Inc. is a privately held, ISO 9001-certified company that is the leader in providing robust and reliable end-to-end technology mounting and mobility solutions in demanding environments. The Havis legacy dates back over 80 years as a trusted designer and manufacturer of critical equipment that ensures critical technology is accessible, secure and reliable.

Havis’s engineering and manufacturing teams are committed to consistently researching and developing unique products and solutions for a range of industries worldwide. With headquarters in Warminster, PA, and additional locations in Plymouth, MI, Burnsville, MN, and in the UK, Havis currently employs more than 400 team members. For more information on Havis, please call 1.800.524.9900 or visit http://www.havis.com.

The Role of Mounting Solutions in Enhancing Experience in Retail and Hospitality
The Role of Mounting Solutions in Enhancing Experience in Retail and Hospitality