Elevating Warehouse Technology: The Role of IP65 Rated Docking Stations

WARMINSTER, PA, October 20, 2023 –

In the ever-evolving world of material handling, efficiency is paramount. The seamless flow of goods, information, and technology solutions plays a pivotal role in ensuring that warehouse operations run smoothly. A critical component in this equation is the technology that supports material handling processes, particularly in rugged environments. Docking stations have emerged as an indispensable tool for maximizing productivity and efficiency in material handling operations and the supply chain process. In this blog, we’ll explore the importance of IP65-rated docking stations and Havis’s new line of IP-rated docking stations for Dell 10″ Latitude 7030 Rugged Extreme Tablet and Dell 12″ Latitude 7230 Rugged Extreme Tablet.

These docking stations are purpose-built to meet the rigorous demands of professionals working in the harshest environments. In this blog, we’ll delve into these new docking stations’ remarkable features and benefits and explore how they redefine rugged resilience in material handling applications.

The Role of Docking Stations in Material Handling

Docking stations are a central hub for mobile computing devices, serving as the nexus for communication, data input, and power supply. In material handling operations, docking stations are essential for several reasons, including data accuracy and real-time information, increased mobility and flexibility, and device protection. Read our previous blog here to learn more about how Havis enhances warehouse technology solutions. 

The Significance of IP65 Rating in Warehouse Technology

The Ingress Protection (IP) rating system classifies and rates the degree of protection provided by enclosures for electronic devices. In material handling, especially within automated storage and retrieval systems, an IP65 rating is particularly relevant, as it signifies that the device is dust-tight and protected against water jets from any direction. Below are reasons why IP65-rated docking stations are crucial.

Dust & Debris Protection

Material handling environments and warehouses are often laden with dust and debris, which can infiltrate electronic control devices and disrupt their operation. IP65-rated docking stations prevent dust ingress, ensuring the reliable performance and operation of connected devices.

Water Resistance

Material handling operations can involve exposure to liquids, such as spills, rain, or even high-pressure water jets during cleaning processes. An IP65 rating ensures the docking station is adequately sealed against moisture, preventing internal damage and maintaining functionality.


The durability of IP65-rated docking stations ensures that they can withstand the rigors of everyday material handling tasks. They are built to endure harsh conditions, making them a valuable asset in the logistics industry for maintaining the longevity of automated storage and data retrieval systems.

Havis’s New IP-Rated Docking Stations 

Havis, a recognized leader in docking solutions, has recently introduced a groundbreaking range of IP-rated docking stations designed specifically for the Dell 12″ Latitude 7230 and Dell 10″ Latitude 7030 Rugged Extreme Tablets.

When it comes to material handling automation, efficiency and productivity are non-negotiable. Havis’s new line of IP-rated docking stations for Dell is set to significantly improve the customer experience of warehouse technology and impact how organizations approach warehouse technology integration to maximize efficiency in these demanding environments. Here are how Havis’s docking stations enhance material handling efficiency

Uninterrupted Data Flow

Warehouse operations are driven by a constant stream of data. From real-time inventory updates to order tracking, access to timely information is the lifeblood of efficient material handling. The IP65 rating of Havis’s docking stations emerges as a pivotal component in this landscape. By ensuring that electronic devices remain operational even in dusty or wet conditions, these docking stations safeguard the uninterrupted flow of critical data.

In a bustling warehouse environment, where every second counts, this assurance can mean the difference between efficient operations and costly delays. With an IP65 rating, Havis’s docking stations guarantee that data flows seamlessly, providing workers with the up-to-the-minute information they need to make informed decisions, reduce errors, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Customized Compatibility

Havis’s commitment to customized compatibility is a game-changer in technology integration. Our IP-rated docking stations are meticulously engineered to fit seamlessly with Dell devices. This compatibility ensures that users can leverage and access the full potential of their technology without the hassle of adapting or modifying their setup process. This streamlined compatibility means that from the moment you incorporate Havis’s docking stations, you can hit the ground running, maximizing productivity without unnecessary complexities.

Enhanced Productivity

Havis’s docking stations offer quick and secure internet connectivity to maximize worker productivity. These rugged solutions allow workers to switch between fieldwork and deskwork without delays or disruptions, streamlining tasks, reducing idle time, and boosting companies’ overall output. The IP65 rating’s role in enhancing productivity is inherently tied to its ability to withstand harsh conditions. In the demanding environment of material handling, workers often find themselves navigating challenging applications.

With the assurance of an IP65-rated device, they can venture confidently into these harsh conditions, knowing that their technology remains protected from dust and water. This confidence empowers them to maintain their pace, even in unfavorable conditions, ensuring that operations continue without interruption. The IP65 rating is, therefore, a silent enabler of productivity, allowing workers to remain undeterred by the elements and achieve optimum efficiency in any situation.

Minimized Downtime

Material handling, warehouse, and logistics operations rely heavily on technology, and downtime can be costly. Downtime can translate into substantial costs and operational disruptions. Havis’s docking stations play a pivotal role in minimizing downtime by safeguarding devices from damage and ensuring they remain operational precisely when they are needed most. In a high-stakes environment, the protection of an IP65-rated docking station becomes a strategic asset, preserving the continuity of operations and minimizing costly interruptions. This assurance is not just a convenience but a fundamental element in pursuing cost-efficiency and unhindered productivity.

Innovative Connectivity

Havis’s new docking stations excel in connectivity and uphold the rigorous standards of IP65 rating. This means that as users enjoy complete control over various connectivity options, such as USB, Ethernet, and power interfaces, they can do so with the added assurance that their devices are protected against dust and water. The IP65 rating is a safeguard that ensures these connections remain intact even in challenging environments, making transitions between fieldwork and deskwork swift and resilient. Havis’s docking stations provide operational fluidity in warehouses with connectivity and IP65-rated reliability.

Cost Savings

The benefits of IP-rated docking stations, such as those from Havis, extend far beyond enhanced protection. They translate into tangible cost savings for organizations in the material handling industry. By prolonging the life of electronic devices and diminishing the necessity for frequent repairs or replacements, these innovative technologies contribute significantly to cost efficiency. Moreover, they minimize interruptions in workflow processes, ensuring that every moment is maximized for productivity. In a competitive environment where minimizing costs is imperative, Havis’s IP-rated docking stations are a strategic investment, offering protection and a substantial return on investment through extended device life and uninterrupted operations.

Rigorous Testing

Havis subject their warehouse docking systems and stations to rigorous testing, ensuring they meet and exceed industry standards for durability, reliability, increased accuracy, and performance. Our commitment to quality guarantees that these docking systems and stations will stand up to the challenges of warehouse environments.

The Environmental Impact

Efficiency is one of many advantages of Havis’s IP-rated docking stations. They also have a positive environmental impact. By increasing the longevity of electronic devices and reducing the need for replacements, these docking stations help reduce electronic waste, contributing to a more efficient, sustainable, and eco-friendly approach to data and technology management.


Warehouse management and automation technology is an indispensable tool that drives efficiency, accuracy, control, and productivity in the dynamic material handling and supply chain world. Havis’s new line of IP-rated docking stations for Dell devices is revolutionizing the industry of warehouse management systems by offering the ruggedness and protection required for challenging environments.

With an IP65 rating, these docking stations are poised to become a standard in the material handling and supply chain management sector. Havis’s docking stations are helping material handling operations thrive in today’s fast-paced world by enhancing data flow, increasing productivity and inventory control levels, minimizing downtime, and reducing costs.

In addition, they are contributing to a more sustainable future by reducing electronic waste. As the material handling industry evolves, Havis’s IP-rated docking stations and systems are leading the way in ensuring that technology solutions remain a reliable and resilient asset, enabling organizations to meet their operational goals efficiently and responsibly.

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