Protect Your Devices with the New Havis Rugged Tablet Docking Stations

Working with a tablet can make your job easier in ways that would have been unimaginable a generation ago.
Yet for all their amazing features, tablets need to withstand rough environments. That’s why we’ve created the new Havis Rugged Tablet Docking Solutions.
This innovative Tablet Docking Station is designed to be used with Havis Rugged Tablet Cases, offering versions for both Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxy tablets.

Ultra-rugged yet lightweight, this rugged docking station features:

The Havis Rugged Docking Station includes bumpers for added device security and a barrel lock and key to deter theft. It features rounded corners for improved safety and a low profile design to maximize your in-vehicle space.

Certifications on the Tablet Docking Station include:

You can learn more about our new Rugged Tablet Docking Station by watching our new video. And don’t hesitate to contact Havis today to learn more about these and all our rugged mobile office protection solutions.

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Maximizing Efficiency and Safety With Havis’ Police Consoles