Protect Your Fleet from Dead Batteries This Winter With ChargeGuard

As we approach the midpoint of this snowy, extremely cold winter, it’s important to evaluate how the vehicles in your fleet are handling the season. In addition to creating icy, pothole-ridden roads, a harsh winter like this one can put your vehicle at a greater risk for a dead battery. This is because falling temperatures diminish the electrical capacity of your vehicle’s battery while also increasing the amount of power the battery needs to crank the engine (Reference: “Introduction to Batteries and Charging Systems” by Ralph E. Scheidler).

When one of your vehicle’s is stuck with a dead battery, it doesn’t just affect the driver. You may face delayed shipments, increased vehicle maintenance costs, and additional downtime caused by service calls.

Put an End to Dead Batteries

If you’re not already utilizing an automatic shutdown device, we suggest checking out the Havis ChargeGuard® Auto Shut-off Timer. This low-cost and easy-to-use solution prevents vehicle battery drain, extends battery life, and can ultimately save you from the unnecessary cost of battery replacement. It also provides complete voltage protection for expensive electronics.

With ChargeGuard Auto Shut-off Timer, critical aftermarket electronics, such as laptops, tablets, two-way radios and magstripe readers, are always available to your drivers who depend on them. They can leave the vehicle unattended, if needed, without having to remember to turn their equipment on or off.

How Does ChargeGuard Work?

ChargeGuard automatically turns on in-vehicle equipment when the engine is started. When the engine is turned off, the equipment stays on for an adjustable period of time, and then is automatically disabled. By running equipment after the engine has been turned off, ChargeGuard helps reduce fuel costs. When properly deployed, your fleet will be able to eliminate the hassle of a dead battery for less than the cost of a single tow.

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