Tech Tips: ChargeGuard Troubleshooting

We have seen CG-X ChargeGuards returned for repair or replacement that actually test good. Here are the main reasons that cause the product to not perform properly in the field. Customers can use this list to troubleshoot their ChargeGuard before submitting a repair or replace request.

  1. Bad ground contact

  2. Installer has connected over 30 amps of equipment

  3. Positive 12 volt connection is too far from the battery or alternator

  4. Bad or inconsistent ignition source

  5. Vehicle voltage change is not enough to activate sensor

Note: Electrical systems on newer vehicles don’t always have enough voltage change to activate the DC or AC mode sensor. Whenever possible, try to install the Charge Guard using the ignition mode activation feature. This will minimize the chance of malfunction (see install instructions).

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Tips for a Clean CRM