Unleashing the Power of Havis K9 Transports: The Ultimate K9 Police Car Solution

WARMINSTER, PA, August 17, 2023 –

K9 transports for police vehicles have been integral to law enforcement agencies for decades, providing unmatched support in various critical operations. These highly trained k9 officers and their handlers form an exceptional team that excels in tracking suspects, detecting drugs and explosives, and conducting search and rescue missions. To further enhance and protect the capabilities of these valuable units, Havis has developed cutting-edge K9 vehicle inserts. In this blog, we will explore the numerous benefits of K9 transport inserts for law enforcement agencies and delve into the advantages offered by Havis K9 units, including their rattle-eliminating design, sliding front door with infinite locking points, an optional divider for XL transports, smooth powder coat finish, trim fitted to hinder dog chewing, and low floor for ease of entry and egress. With a wide variety of models custom designed for each vehicle they serve, including a combination prisoner/K9 transport model for SUVs, Havis K9 solutions offer a premier solution for public safety professionals. Additional K9 transport options & accessories are available, including air-circulating fans and door pop/heat alarm systems. These accessories allow law enforcement officers to customize their K9 insert, tailoring it to suit the specific needs and requirements of their valued canine partners.

How Police Handlers & Police Dogs Benefit from Havis K9 Transports


Rattle Eliminating Design

Havis’s K9 vehicle inserts with a rattle-eliminating design are paramount for police officers due to the reduction of noise and annoyance. In high-stress law enforcement situations, silence and stealth are critical factors that can determine the success of an operation. The reduced noise levels help create a more comfortable and focused environment for the officer and their K9 companion, allowing them to work efficiently and effectively without unnecessary distractions or irritation.

Sliding Door with Infinite Locking Points

The inclusion of a sliding door with infinite locking points in the Havis K9 transport inserts proves highly beneficial for law enforcement professionals and their canine partners, offering unmatched convenience and adaptability. This feature allows officers to open the door to any desired extent, granting their K9 companion the flexibility to stick their head through the opening. This level of control enhances communication between the officer and the dog during operations and enables the K9 to assess the situation without entirely exiting the vehicle. The sliding door’s infinite locking points ensure that the door remains securely fixed at any chosen position, providing a safe and comfortable environment for the canine partner while maintaining the officer’s readiness for swift deployment when needed. This versatility optimizes the K9 unit’s functionality, streamlining operations and reinforcing the bond between the officer and their loyal four-legged partner.

Optional Divider for XL Transports

The optional divider for the XL transports in Havis K9 units proves to be highly beneficial, offering enhanced functionality and comfort for law enforcement agencies working with multiple canine partners. This thoughtful feature divides the XL transport into separate compartments, providing two dogs with their own dedicated space. The divider ensures the dogs remain secure and separated during transportation, minimizing potential stress or tension between them. This design promotes a harmonious environment for the canine partners and enables officers to focus on their duties, knowing that their K9 companions are comfortably accommodated and ready for deployment when required. The optional divider in Havis K9 Transports exemplifies the company’s commitment to the well-being and effectiveness of law enforcement’s valuable K9 units.

Smooth Powder Coat

The smooth powder coat finish in Havis K9 transports offers a host of valuable benefits, making it an essential feature for law enforcement agencies. The powder coat’s smooth surface not only enhances the aesthetics of the K9 unit but also ensures effortless cleaning and maintenance. Law enforcement equipment and vehicles often encounter challenging environments, and with the powder coat’s lightweight, easy-to-clean property, officers can quickly remove dirt, debris, and stains, keeping the unit in pristine condition. Furthermore, the durable nature of the powder coat protects the K9 Transport from scratches and damage that may occur during daily operations, guaranteeing a long-lasting and reliable solution that can withstand the rigors of law enforcement activities. This exceptional combination of easy cleaning and durability showcases Havis’s dedication to providing top-notch K9 solutions that elevate the effectiveness and longevity of law enforcement operations.

Trim Fitted Design

The trim-fitted design of the Havis K9 transport inserts is a crucial feature that ensures the safety and comfort of K9 officers during transportation. By precisely fitting the unit’s interior, the design eliminates any potential gaps or spaces where a K9’s paws could get stuck or caught. This meticulous attention to detail minimizes the risk of injury to the canine partner and prevents unnecessary discomfort or anxiety. With trim-fitted K9 units, law enforcement officers can have complete peace of mind, knowing that their K9 Partner can travel securely and without any hazards, allowing them to focus on their duties and maintain an optimal working relationship with their K9 partners. 

Low Floor for Ease of Entry & Egress

The inclusion of a low floor in Havis K9 units proves to be exceptionally beneficial for the well-being of police dogs, as it ensures ease of entry and egress without causing undue stress on their hips. Constantly jumping in and out of a high vehicle can strain a dog’s hips significantly, leading to potential long-term health issues and discomfort. Havis prioritizes the canine partners’ safety and comfort with the low floor design, allowing them to enter and exit the vehicle effortlessly. This feature is especially crucial during high-intensity operations when quick deployment is essential. By reducing the physical demands on the dogs, Havis K9 units create a supportive and comfortable environment, enabling law enforcement officers to rely on their canine partners with confidence, knowing they can perform at their best without unnecessary strain or fatigue.


Havis’s commitment to providing a well-designed and safe environment for police dogs further exemplifies its dedication to supporting law enforcement agencies and enhancing the effectiveness of K9 units for police vehicles. Public Safety Professionals benefit from the customizable K9 transport accessories that allow officers to tailor the vehicle’s interior precisely to their canine partner’s needs, ensuring optimal comfort and functionality. In conclusion, a police vehicle outfitted with Havis equipment ensures safety and comfort for both the handler and the police dog.

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