Deal Registration Discount Form

You may now register an opportunity to qualify for a 10% Deal Registration Discount (“DRD”).

Havis would like to provide an added incentive to your company. We would like to recognize and reward resellers who uncover opportunities and who work closely throughout the sales process with both the end customer and the Havis sales team.

Requirements for a DRD

Product: This program includes all Havis product (computing solutions, power management, motion, mounting, consoles, transport, K9 and lighting). Note: DRD pricing is not available for non-catalog SKU’s (custom solutions).

Order Size: The minimum dollar amount on a single Purchase Order is $20,000 to qualify for the DRD.

Registration: Sales representatives will be required to register the opportunity and supply the project details as well as the end user account information. See DRD registration form. The DRD form must be filled out to completion and emailed to [email protected] or an online registration can be completed here.


In order to receive a DRD discount the following criteria will apply:

  • Reseller must be Platinum level & IT Channel
  • Reseller must be in good financial and business standing with Havis.
  • The reseller must have involvement with the end user. Said involvement with the end user includes, but is not limited to:
    • Sales/presentations with or on behalf of Havis Sales Team
    • Placement of Havis demo unit(s) as required
    • Participation in a pilot program with Havis equipment as required
    • Completion of a fleet audit as required
  • Only specific projects can be registered
  • Not an entire Company (end user) as a whole
  • Custom parts are not eligible for this program
  • New business only
  • North American opportunities only


  • If two or more resellers register the same deal within 5 working days then neither will receive a discount.
  • The DRD form must be submitted to Havis no less than 45 days prior to a bid opening date or date of PO.
  • Orders will not be accepted prior to 45 days of DRD acceptance date.
  • DRD pricing will be valid for 6 months from the date of approval.
  • A new DRD request must be submitted for approval after the date of expiration. No extensions will be granted.
  • All additional product that is ordered for project within 90 days will be eligible for discount.


  • DRD approval must be granted by Havis and is at the sole discretion of Havis.
  • Discounts apply only to revenue generated on Havis equipment and is based on the applicable invoice amount.
  • Failure to supply the complete list of information may result in a disqualified deal registration.