The new number system for the main inserts will now include a vehicle specific code to differentiate and simplify what parts are included for different model vehicles. The length and compartment configurations are also described in the new part number.

Example: PT-F03-120-3

  • Product family = PT
  • Vehicle description (Ford Transit/extended wheel base/low roof) = F03
  • Length (in inches) of insert = 120
  • Number of compartments in configuration = 3

** See web site for vehicle specific description and part number code **

Old options and accessories have not changed except for part numbers. The new number system is based off of other Havis product lines with multiple sub-categories. This allows each category to expand more easily when new parts are added.

Options and Accessories categories are as follows:

  • PT-A-100 = Rear Step
  • PT-A-200 = Side Step
  • PT-A-300 = Trim Kit
  • PT-A-400 = Rear Air Conditioning /Heat System
  • PT-A-500 = Rear Vent adaptor Kit
  • PT-A-600 = Video Systems
  • PT-A-700 = (not used at this time)
  • PT-A-800 = (not used at this time)
  • PT-A-900 = Miscellaneous Accessories

** See web site for product descriptions and specific part numbers **