Vans with the following features and options are recommended:

  • Van chassis with the highest GVWR available (see next FAQ)
  • OEM optional rear air conditioning/heat system or OEM optional rear AC/heat prep package
    • Rear climate control is very important for the safety of the passengers. Depending on the vehicle and what OEM system is ordered, Havis offers various solutions to cool and heat the rear compartments. You should check the Havis HVAC options prior to ordering your specific van.
  • White or light exterior body color
    • A white color van can be up to 20° cooler inside. This will greatly help with the rear climate control.
  • Window glass in rear and side doors
    • It has been proven that when transporting people in the rear compartments, having windows in the van doors only will minimize the possibility of individuals vomiting. The windows also provide visibility for the officer prior to opening doors.
  • Power windows and door locks
  • Trim level packages and other options are up to the customer