Havis EBT Card Skimming Solutions to Safeguard Payment Devices and Customer Data

WARMINSTER, PA, February 28, 2024 – Havis, a trailblazer in innovative security solutions, announces its latest endeavor to combat Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card skimming, reinforcing its commitment to protecting payment devices and customer data.

EBT Cards, vital for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) participants, facilitate food purchases using SNAP benefits. Unfortunately, the rise of criminal activities such as EBT card skimming poses a significant threat to both retailers and consumers.


Criminals employ covert tactics by installing illegal card-skimming devices onto payment terminals, enabling them to capture sensitive card information illicitly. These devices are meticulously designed to mimic authentic payment terminals, making detection challenging. Once stolen, the data is often used for card cloning, resulting in fraudulent EBT cards.

In response to the escalating concerns surrounding EBT card skimming, Havis has developed state-of-the-art solutions to fortify payment device security and protect customer data. These solutions have made a significant impact in reducing fraudulent activity when it comes to EBT card skimming.


“Adding Havis skimmer protection was crucial as this added an additional layer of security while creating peace of mind for our valued customers.  Thank you to the Havis team for helping us combat this illegal activity”, VP of Security at a Large Regional Grocer.


Key Strategies to Prevent EBT Card Skimming

Regular Inspection: Retailers are advised to conduct routine, daily inspections of payment terminals to detect any signs of skimming devices or tampering.

Enhanced Surveillance and Employee Training: Havis recommends the installation of security cameras to monitor payment devices and Point of Sale (POS) areas. Additionally, comprehensive employee training programs should be used to empower staff to promptly identify and report suspicious behavior.

Investment in High-Quality POS Equipment: Havis encourages retailers to invest in secure payment mounting solutions featuring anti-skimming and port-blocking security features. Utilizing stands, tethers, locks and/or security screws helps to secure payment terminals, preventing unauthorized removal.

John Arcure, Havis Regional Sales Executive, says, “As a sales representative at Havis, I’m excited about our relentless pursuit of security solutions that not only meet industry standards but redefine them. With our advanced EBT card skimming solutions, we’re not just addressing a challenge but providing peace of mind to businesses and consumers alike. At Havis, we believe in securing transactions, protecting data, and ensuring confidence in every swipe.”


Havis’s initiative to address EBT card skimming underscores the company’s dedication to providing comprehensive security solutions. By arming retailers with advanced tools and strategies, Havis aims to create a secure environment that safeguards payment devices and protects consumers’ sensitive data.


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Havis Payment Terminal Stands Help Merchants Meet New PCI SSC Standards