Havis Introduces New Prisoner Transport Inserts, Accessories & Configurator

This month, we were excited to introduce new prisoner transport inserts, accessories and a configurator. We worked closely with our vehicle OEM partners to design prisoner transport systems specifically for the latest standard and long length Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge Ram, Nissan NV and Sprinter vans. These high-quality inserts are available in 80-, 100- and 120-inch lengths with one, two or three compartments for safe and secure transport of up to 12 prisoners.

The Havis Difference

Havis Prisoner Transport Systems are constructed primarily of aluminum and feature a “super durable” white powder coat finish for premium cleaning capability and improved visibility within the insert. Unlike inserts that are built with heavier materials, which will wear down brakes and lower gas mileage, our inserts utilize a lighter weight and structurally-engineered aluminum design for maximum security and for minimum stress on the van chassis.

This proven design includes standard safety features such as emergency exit hatches and heavy-duty “slam latch” doors, which maximize security by automatically locking the compartment when the door is shut. Non-slip benches and grab straps also come standard to help prisoners stay safely seated during transport.

The Importance of Proper Heating & Cooling

As always, we strongly advise departments to order an OEM HVAC System Vent Adapter or Aftermarket Heat/Cooling System to regulate the temperature within their prisoner transport insert and to help prevent medical emergencies such as heat stroke. Proper insert ventilation will also create positive airflow for a more comfortable vehicle interior.

Havis Accessories Complete Your Solution

Our wide array of recommended accessories complete any prisoner transport solution and enhance officer and passenger safety. Our video system option lets your officers view each compartment, and the audio visual alarm alerts them when the rear compartment doors are open. Additional accessories include seat belts and seat dividers, a roof power vent, a rear flip down step and load light, sound deadening insulation, underbench storage, an intercom system, a meal pass through door and more.

Configure Your Solution Today

With the new Havis Prisoner Transport Configurator, you can easily select an insert and compartment configuration for your specific transport van, as well as a recommended heating and cooling system. You can also add a variety of accessories to your solution and even see the compatible Havis equipment console for your van.

Havis Prisoner Transport Inserts are built specifically to protect and assist officers while loading, transporting and unloading prisoners. With a dedicated prisoner transport vehicle, you can keep patrol cars on the road and more productive. These vehicles can also be utilized for moving barricades, cones, bikes or large evidence.

As a testament to their high-quality construction and lasting durability, our inserts often outlast the service life of their vehicles. Since they are bolted, not welded, during installation, you can reduce costs by easily transferring your inserts into new compatible vans.

Want to learn more about the Havis Prisoner Transport Solutions?

Havis Featured in Field Technologies Magazine “Five Keys to Mobility Success for Fleet Managers” Article
Havis Featured in Field Technologies Magazine “Five Keys to Mobility Success for Fleet Managers” Article