Havis Featured in Field Technologies Magazine “Five Keys to Mobility Success for Fleet Managers” Article

Havis shared tips for selecting mobile solutions in the article “Five Keys to Mobility Success for Fleet Managers” featured in Field Technologies Magazine’s December issue

Havis Inc., an ISO 9001:2008-certified company, was featured in Field Technologies magazine’s December issue in the article “Five Keys to Mobility Success for Fleet Managers” written by Keith Steidle, director of business development and marketing at Havis.

The article outlines considerations to ensure a safe, comfortable and efficient mobile solution for any fleet, including software, hardware, connectivity and integration, docking and mounting and professional installation.


Software solves business problems. The end user may be a driver whose job would be more efficient with access to GPS and route tracking capabilities, or a business looking to track deliveries to residential customers. The article recommends that fleet managers identify the needs of drivers, passengers and customers to find the right software to address a fleet’s business and logistical demands.


Appropriate hardware is essential to a mobility solution as it is the key to operating software. According to the article, fleet managers should consider the environment within which the hardware will operate to develop the right solution, “whether ultra-rugged, non-rugged or somewhere in between.”


Successful mobility solutions are supported by reliable connections to mobile networks, including back-end systems. The article recommends that fleet managers consider connectivity needs in terms of Internet access, SIMs services, or cloud storage as well as necessary software integrations.


When considering a successful mobile solution, the safety of those in the vehicle is paramount to all other considerations. If not properly secured, hardware and equipment can become hazardous projectiles in the event of a sudden stop or collision. Quality docking solutions keep hardware in place, ensuring both safety and functionality by minimizing the risk of a device disconnecting in rugged conditions.

The article recommends that fleet managers consider a driver’s or passenger’s ability to see, operate and maneuver a device and its connected peripherals, including printers, keyboards, scanners and antennas. Successful mounting solutions organize in-vehicle equipment and conserve space for maximum usability, comfort and productivity.

“Whether the mount design is on a center console, passenger side, dash monitor, or trunk solution, be sure that the mount provides a strong foundation to minimize vibration that can cause eye strain, input errors, or added stress on the system,” Steidle wrote.


To guarantee the effectiveness of a mobile solution, the article recommends that fleet managers seek proper installation by professionals familiar with the docking, mounting and connectivity of the system. Manufacturer sales representatives can also be used as a resource to help ensure maximum product compatibility, develop a customized solution, identify bundling opportunities and connect fleet managers with warranties to add additional value to a purchase.

The article suggests that managers also consider what accessories will enhance the fleet’s safety or productivity, such as screen blanking technology to prevent driver distraction while a vehicle is in motion, or peripherals including keyboards, printers and backup power supplies.

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