How Havis Storage Solutions Enhance Work Truck Efficiency and Safety in The Energy Industry

WARMINSTER, PA, March 28, 2024 –

The Energy Industry is comprised of the many organizations, across a number of sub-sectors, involved in the production and sale of energy. This includes the extraction, refining and supply of consumable fuels such as oil, gas and coal, as well as other energy sources such as renewable energy, natural gas, geothermal power and nuclear power. In the USA, energy exports are promoted and governed by the International Trade Administration.

Given the importance of energy efficiency and safety, coupled with the world’s ever-increasing need for a constant supply, it is evident that the energy sector faces a unique and demanding set of challenges. In particular, work trucks used within the energy sector must be given careful consideration in terms of their reliability, safety and overall ability to support optimum levels of productivity. 

Energy Pylons

Challenges for Work Trucks in The Energy Industry

As mentioned above, energy industry work trucks are faced with a specific set of challenges. In this blog, we will explore the unique demands placed on storage solutions within these work trucks, highlighting how Havis offers innovative and customized solutions tailored to the needs of the energy sector.

Limited Space

As is the case with many vehicles-turned-mobile workstations, limited space is one of the biggest challenges of work trucks in the energy sector. Without any modifications or specialist storage, it can be a significant challenge for energy sector workers to safely and securely transport the many tools they require to do their job.

Heavy Loads

Energy industry work trucks must also be able to withstand the transportation of heavy loads. Work trucks and any rugged mounts and/or storage within must be able to withstand heavy loads of tools and equipment, both while stationary and on the move (potentially across uneven, rough terrain).

Harsh Weather Conditions

Last but not least, the energy sector also faces the challenge of somewhat unpredictable working environments such as harsh weather conditions. As such, it is important that the potential for such conditions is kept in mind when choosing and customizing solutions for energy sector work vehicles. 

Energy Professional in Harsh Weather

Common Storage Problems in Energy Industry Work Trucks

As with many vehicular/mobile workspaces, workers in the energy industry face a number of storage-related challenges.

Lack of Space

To start, a lack of space is a major challenge of many mobile/vehicular work spaces. However, it goes without saying that work vehicles used by energy companies should be able to accommodate all of the tools and equipment required by employees to complete their work. Yet, a common issue within work trucks is a lack of space to efficiently and securely store such equipment. 

Loose Items

Feasibly resulting from a lack of space and adequate storage, loose items can be another challenge of work trucks in the energy industry. Without the designated space to effectively store such items, valuable tools and equipment may be left to move around in the truck.

Cluttered Spaces

Disorganization and a cluttered, messy workspace is another issue resulting from inadequate storage in work trucks. Clutter inevitably makes it more difficult for energy workers to do their jobs safely and efficiently. 


The Consequences of Improper Storage

There are several negative consequences of improper storage within work trucks and it is imperative to understand the importance of effective solutions. In the upcoming sections, we will explore the risks associated with inadequate storage in energy industry work trucks and how Havis solutions can mitigate these risks, ensuring smooth operations and enhanced productivity and safety for energy industry professionals.


Without easy access to the required tools, technologies and equipment, employee productivity will suffer. Over time, time spent looking for the required tools in a messy truck adds up and could ultimately have a negative impact on overall efficiency and therefore, the bottom line. Likewise, such inefficiencies impact how quickly and effectively energy providers are able to serve their customers.


Not only do such inefficiencies impact overall productivity levels, but they also create a number of hazards for employees. Without proper storage facilities within the work truck, the chance of work-related injuries is significantly higher, whether this be from loose items falling or from an employee digging around to find the correct tool and consequently injuring themselves.

Maintenance Costs

Given the increased potential for valuable tools and equipment to be damaged or completely broken, improper storage within work trucks can also lead to increased maintenance costs for energy companies.

Lack of Security

Security is a central concern when it comes to work truck storage solutions, especially for the energy sector where valuable tools and equipment are often carried. Without proper security measures in place, tools can be at risk of theft, tampering or damage. Unsecured storage not only poses a financial risk due to potential losses, but also poses the risk of disrupted operations leading to costly delays and downtime.

Professional Appearance

Across all industries, no matter the type or size of business, cultivating a strong brand image is paramount. As such, it goes without saying that arriving to a job site with a messy, disorganized van does not look professional and could therefore portray the brand in a negative light.

Impacts on Employee Morale

In turn, inefficiencies stemming from a lack of storage and organization could lead to invisible consequences such as increased levels of stress and frustration for employees. As such, it is feasible that the resulting decrease in employee morale could lead to lower levels of productivity. 


How Havis Storage Solutions Can Help

As a global leading provider, Havis offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of solutions for mounting, docking and storing your technology. Energy companies can count on Havis to keep workers comfortable and connected in the field, no matter the situation or environment. When it comes to storage solutions, Havis provides a range of innovative options designed to maximize efficiency and organization within work trucks. Havis solutions are engineered to meet the specific needs of energy industry professionals to enhance productivity and safety.

Rugged Designs

Storage solutions from Havis are expertly designed for the daily rigours of energy sector work. Comprised of a 14-gauge steel box, Havis solutions are built to last, whether faced with harsh weather conditions, challenging terrain or rough day-to-day use. Havis’s rugged designs keep critical tools safe and secure, helping to optimize productivity and increase the longevity of valuable equipment. Given the harsh conditions which may be faced out in the field, Havis understands the importance of storage solutions that are robust and reliable. Havis storage solutions are designed and manufactured with durability in mind so as to protect and extend the lifespan of both the storage solution itself and the essential equipment stored within.

Locking Mechanisms

When working with tools and equipment of significant value, it is crucial to protect them from theft, tampering and other forms of criminal interference. Havis storage solutions offer advanced locking mechanisms and robust, tamper-resistant hardware to help prevent unauthorized access. Lids feature low-profile latches that lock with included keys (keyed the same), ensuring that valuable tools remain secure at all times, even in challenging environments. Havis understands the importance of safeguarding essential assets and designs solutions which provide peace of mind for energy sector professionals, allowing them to focus on the task at hand.

Easy Installation

Havis storage solutions for work trucks offer unparalleled ease of installation. With mounts designed to utilize factory holes, these solutions can be installed without the need for drilling, thereby saving valuable time and effort. In just minutes, workers can transform their work trucks into organized and efficient mobile workspaces, ensuring that they are ready to tackle the demands of the day without delay. 

Proper Ventilation

Two sections of obround holes provide crucial ventilation for safe equipment mounting, promoting optimal performance and longevity of tools and technology. For enhanced air circulation, Havis storage solutions for work trucks accommodate 4″ fans, allowing for customizable cooling solutions tailored to specific equipment needs. With Havis, energy companies can trust in a comprehensive storage solution that not only maximizes organization but also prioritizes the safety and functionality of their valuable tools and technology. 



For the energy industry, the appropriate storage and organization of valuable tools and equipment is a necessity. Havis’s industry-leading storage solutions have already helped thousands of energy sector workers to optimize productivity and safety on the go.

To learn more about Havis’s innovative suite of storage solutions, click here. Plus, for more information on our broader portfolio of solutions for the energy industry, visit our Energy & Utilities landing page here.



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Havis’s engineering and manufacturing teams are committed to consistently researching and developing unique products and solutions for a range of industries worldwide. With headquarters in Warminster, PA, and additional locations in Plymouth, MI, Burnsville, MN, and in the UK, Havis currently employs more than 400 team members. For more information on Havis, please call 1.800.524.9900 or visit http://www.havis.com.

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