Optimizing Pharmacy Operations: The Role of Havis Mounts in Streamlining The Point of Sale (POS)

WARMINSTER, PA, April 17, 2024 –

Today’s Pharmacy Industry

In today’s competitive healthcare and pharmacy landscape, innovation is essential to staying ahead of competitors and to meeting consumers’ ever-evolving needs.

To succeed, pharmacies must keep pace with all manner of industry trends. In particular, and as will be discussed in this blog, technology is one of the key areas that pharmacies should leverage to optimize pharmacy operations.

Technology in Healthcare

When it comes to technology in healthcare, our minds may automatically go to the technology used directly for medical purposes. However, the range of technology used in the healthcare industry is much broader than this.

Healthcare technology comprises both hardware and software and includes technology such as IT systems, payment devices, point of sale (POS) systems, patient-facing displays, and more. So, technically speaking, healthcare technology is any technology that supports healthcare organizations and their endeavors to achieve the most efficient, seamless operation possible.

Technology in Pharmacies

Within healthcare, pharmacies are no exception when it comes to making use of technology. As with any brick-and-mortar location, a range of technology is often required to complete day-to-day tasks. Nowadays, pharmacists make use of a range of devices for diverse use cases (eg: to fulfil prescriptions, to accept card payments, and to provide a range of other services). Whether it be the point-of-sale systems, customer-facing displays, receipt printers, cash drawers, card readers, barcode scanners, or even self-service kiosks, it is clear that technology is increasingly integral, not just to completing daily activities but to streamlining the point of-sale and optimizing pharmacy operations overall.


Technology Mounting Requirements

However, as will be discussed throughout this blog, pharmacies not only need to consider the technology itself but also its mounting requirements. Across a number of industries, healthcare included, it is considered best practice to ensure that technology is securely and ergonomically mounted, whether it be employee- or customer-facing.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, technology mounts come in all shapes and sizes. The correct mount for any given pharmacy will depend on the specific technology chosen and other environmental factors such as the setting and the use case. Nonetheless, mounting technology is considered best practice and an excellent way to optimize pharmacy operations, given its many advantages. These benefits will now be explored in the following section.



Benefits of Technology Mounting in Pharmacy Settings

As suggested, mounting technology in pharmacy settings brings myriad benefits that help to streamline the point of sale and optimize overall operations. Before exploring these merits, it is essential to note what a point of sale (POS) typically entails.

A point-of-sale system (POS system) is a combination of POS software and hardware used for sales and payment processing. Nowadays, POS systems are no longer necessarily confined to a fixed checkout area but can also be implemented throughout the store or as ‘mobile points of sale’. Likewise, POS systems may also be used for broader purposes. For instance, a POS system/technology can be used in pharmacy settings for other purposes, such as processing online orders, fulfilling prescriptions, managing inventory, and more.

With that said – let’s explore the benefits of POS mounting in pharmacies.



Improve Cable Management

Firstly, technology/POS system mounting solutions often provide integrated cable management. Any device cables can be safely and aesthetically hidden out of harm’s way. Not only does this look better in terms of outward appearance, but it also helps to reduce general wear and tear and accidental damage or disconnection. Likewise, keeping cables out of view and reach can also help to reduce the likelihood of tampering and other forms of criminal interference.



Protect Technology

Looking beyond cable management, one of the major advantages of technology mounting in pharmacy environments is the overarching protection it provides such technology given the significant cost involved in implementing technology, whether a POS system or card reader, a self-service kiosk, or a customer-facing display (to name just a few examples), it is in a pharmacy’s best interests to protect it.

By mounting technology out of harm’s way, pharmacies can reduce the likelihood of damage and the potential device downtime that could result. Ensuring that technology is always functional and ready to be used is key to achieving higher productivity levels and to seamless, uninterrupted pharmacy operations.



Improve Security

As in the retail industry, pharmacies must also take the necessary precautions to protect technology from theft, substitution, and other criminal interference. Given the potential negative impacts on the bottom line and customer experience, pharmacies should seek to implement adequate security measures.

One of the key ways to increase security is to use reliable and secure technology mounting solutions. Take POS systems, for example – pharmacies should ensure that all POS technology (eg: touchscreen monitor(s), payment device, receipt printer, and scanner) is securely mounted to a fixed location to prevent unauthorized removal and/or accidental damage. Similarly, for payment technology used for consumer transactions and payment processing, additional security measures can also be implemented, whether this be specialized anti-skimming and port blocking mounts/stands, locks, and/or tethers.

With security measures like these in place, pharmacists can rest assured that their technology and customer data are safe and as such, can remain focused on providing the best possible service to customers/patients.



Comply with PCI SSC Standards

Following this, the mounting of technology is often mandated by certain rules and regulations. For example, when mounting payment technology, the PCI SSC (Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council) sets out several standards that help ensure safe payments for customers worldwide. By mounting payment technology in a secure, fixed location and ensuring it is accessible for all users, pharmacists will be one step closer to compliance with the relevant PCI requirements (eg: PCI DSS Requirement 9.9). For more information on these standards, visit the PCI SSC website here.



Enhance Brand Image

Not only does technology mounting around a pharmacy’s point of sale help with operational efficiencies, but it also aids with brand image. As one of the key areas consumers interact with, the checkout area must provide a positive impression.

As such, a pharmacy’s point of sale area should be kept organized and clutter-free, as this will help create a more professional appearance. Without unnecessary clutter, tangled wires, and general disorganization, staff can ensure a faster, more efficient checkout experience, which will again help foster a positive brand image and loyal, repeat customers.


Ensure Ergonomic Use of Technology

Ensuring technology is comfortable and ergonomic is another important factor to consider, as it is likely to impact overall staff productivity levels and user experience. In busy pharmacy settings where streamlining operations is paramount, technology should be mounted in a way that is easy to access and comfortable to use. Likewise, devices should be mounted in a way that minimizes screen glare, again to optimize user experience.

If technology is made easy and comfortable to use, the purchase process and/or provision of services can be made faster and more convenient for customers (who, let’s face it – in pharmacies – may be feeling poorly).


Save Valuable Selling Space

As with most brick-and-mortar locations, pharmacies likely have high overhead costs. As such, it is vital that the space available is used effectively. By utilizing effective technology mounting solutions, pharmacies can free up valuable space for other purposes.

For example, within retail settings (pharmacies included), it is common to see mounted POS systems surrounded by small product displays. Adding products at the point of sale is a well-known tactic used across the retail industry, as consumers are often tempted to add these small items to their purchases. The same strategy can be used in pharmacies to boost revenue and optimize the checkout/POS area.


Cater to Customer Preferences

The mounting of technology in pharmacies can also be a way to cater to evolving consumer preferences. Take self-service; a significant number of consumers now prefer self-service due to a desire for autonomy over the shopping experience and/or a wish to minimize interaction with staff. The latter is potentially especially true in pharmacies where customers may be feeling unwell.


Enhance Customer Service 

So, as the many advantages explored above have made clear, the mounting of technology in pharmacy settings is clearly an effective way to enhance the experience at the point of sale (for both staff and consumers) and ultimately improve operations.

The Role of Havis Mounts in Optimizing Pharmacy Operations 

Whether it be payment terminal stands, display mounting or self-service kiosks, Havis offers a continually expanding portfolio of end-to-end solutions for Healthcare and Pharmacy. The following section will explore how Havis technology mounting solutions in particular help to optimize pharmacy operations.


With an ever-expanding portfolio of end-to-end solutions for Healthcare, Havis can provide the ideal mounting solution(s) for pharmacies seeking to streamline their point of sale. From payment terminal stands and protective mpos cases, to customer-facing displays and self-service kiosks, Havis solutions are compatible with a range of the market’s newest and most popular devices. Multi-purpose and versatile by nature, Havis solutions have already helped to optimize the operations of many pharmacies.

Durability & Reliability

Durability and reliability are some of the most important factors for businesses to consider when implementing technology and any associated mounting solutions. Without a sturdy and reliable mounting solution, especially in high-volume areas such as a point of sale, pharmacists may encounter issues such as accidental damage, device downtime, and, consequently, negative customer experiences.

As an industry leader in rugged technology mounting and mobility solutions, Havis offers a comprehensive portfolio of durable mounting products ideal for pharmacy use cases.

Protection & Security

With Havis, pharmacists can achieve industry-leading standards of protection and security for valuable technology. For pos technology in particular, pharmacies can incorporate Havis security accessories, such as anti-skimming and port-blocking brackets, locks and/or tethers, to take security to the next level and to cultivate a streamlined checkout process, free from issues such as device downtime, tampering and/or theft. Plus, as was discussed previously in this blog, Havis pos mounting solutions can also help towards compliance with a variety of standards, such as PCI DSS Requirement 9.9.

Improved Customer Experience

The merits outlined above make it clear that Havis solutions can play an integral role in optimizing pharmacy operations. By choosing secure, reliable solutions tailored to the exact needs of their specific business, pharmacies can reap the rewards. Ultimately, Havis’s sleek, ergonomic, and versatile designs are a proven way to streamline the point of sale and take pharmacy operations to the next level.

Why Havis? 

Havis is industry-leading in technology mounting and mobility solutions, with an ever-expanding portfolio of innovative solutions for Pharmacy. Hospitals, pharmacies, and healthcare providers can gain peace of mind with Havis’s versatile and reliable solutions.

To explore more of what Havis has to offer for Pharmacy, click here.


Havis, Inc. is a privately held, ISO 9001-certified company that is the leader in providing robust and reliable end-to-end technology mounting and mobility solutions in demanding environments. The Havis legacy dates back over 80 years as a trusted designer and manufacturer of critical equipment that ensures critical technology is accessible, secure and reliable.

Havis’s engineering and manufacturing teams are committed to consistently researching and developing unique products and solutions for a range of industries worldwide. With headquarters in Warminster, PA, and additional locations in Plymouth, MI, Burnsville, MN, and in the UK, Havis currently employs more than 400 team members. For more information on Havis, please call 1.800.524.9900 or visit http://www.havis.com.

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