Streamlining Airport Operations: The Role of Payment Terminal Stands in Enhancing Passenger Transactions

WARMINSTER, PA, MAY 10, 2024 –

According to industry authorities, global air travel is nearing pre-pandemic levels. However, in the current era of increased aviation traffic and ever-increasing consumer expectations, it is vital that those in the aviation industry make the necessary changes to ensure streamlined operations and an enhanced passenger experience. 

Airport Challenges in 2024

As a result of higher traffic and various other macroeconomic factors, the aviation industry faces several ongoing challenges. To combat these challenges, airlines and other related aviation businesses must keep up with the relevant trends and technologies. According to industry experts, pursuing small shifts in productivity and efficiency will be key in the aviation sector going forward.

Within airports, many areas could be streamlined for improved, optimized operations (for example, POS systems, security checkpoints, baggage handling, and airside operations). However, this blog post will focus on payment terminal stands (POS systems), given that they are an essential part of overall airport operations and can, therefore, significantly impact the passenger experience.

What are Payment Terminal Stands?

Payment terminal stands are POS mounting solutions designed specifically for the safe and secure mounting of payment devices. They are available in a wide range of types and sizes and as will be discussed throughout this blog, their use brings a vast number of benefits for airport operations and the overall traveler experience. 

The Use of Payment Terminal Stands in Airport Operations

As suggested, a focus on payments is a key way that airport authorities can seek to maximize efficiency and streamline operations. As in the retail industry and the hospitality industry, more broadly, the aviation sector also involves the heavy usage of payment technology.

From the moment a passenger steps inside an airport, POS devices are omnipresent. Throughout the average airport terminal, there are hundreds of points of sale whether this be for check-in, customer service, retail operations (eg: duty-free department stores), restaurants, or business lounges.

However, with such a multitude of places within the terminal where travellers may wish to make a purchase, it is vital that airport authorities ensure that the appropriate payment mounting solutions are implemented. The benefits of doing so will now be discussed in the following section.

Benefits of Payment Terminal Stands for Streamlining Airport Operations

As will be explored, the benefits of payment terminal stands are multiple and wide-ranging, and combined, they help towards the achievement of streamlined airport operations. 


Enhanced Security

In light of continuing potential threats, security remains of the utmost importance in airports, both before and after official security checkpoints. In turn, security is also integral in the world of payments. For payment technology, threats can come in the form of theft, substitution, tampering and other forms of criminal interference.

Given the potential ramifications, it is crucial that airport authorities are aware of the possibility of such criminal activity and implement the appropriate security measures to combat it. With payment terminal stands, airport management can protect against card skimming, port access, device theft, and more. Protecting devices and avoiding any of these issues will, in turn, help ensure customers have a quick and seamless experience. 

Reduced Potential for Damage

Not only do payment terminal stands help to combat criminal activity, but they are also an excellent way to prevent accidental damage. Given the significant investment involved, it is in the best interests of airport authorities to maximize the longevity of payment technology.

Likewise, preventing damage to payment devices is essential to day-to-day airport operations, as any device downtime resulting from damage could significantly impact the speed with which customers can be served, and thus the efficiency of passenger flow through the airport.

Damage and any consequential downtime could also result in poor customer experience. For example, if a store only has one payment device which is then rendered unusable due to damage, the store’s ability to serve customers is effectively void. 

Improved Cable Management

By design, some payment terminal stands and POS system mounting solutions offer integrated cable management. By hiding and protecting cables from accidental damage and general wear and tear, airport staff can protect devices and reduce the chance of potential downtime.

Aesthetically, cable management is also beneficial. By ensuring cables are organized and hidden away, airport personnel can cultivate a more professional and enticing image to potential customers.

Enhanced Customer Experience & Better Passenger Flow

The use of payment terminal stands in airports helps to enhance the customer experience in many ways. By ensuring payment devices are mounted in a way that is ergonomic and accessible, airports can provide a better user experience for both employees and customers.

Furthermore, if we recall the benefits of the reduced potential for device damage and downtime, payment terminal stands also help to enhance the customer experience by ensuring uninterrupted service at the point of purchase.

Payment terminal stands are a key element in ensuring the efficient movement of customers throughout the terminal. By reducing the potential for device downtime and ensuring an easy, ergonomic purchase experience, payment terminal stands play a crucial role in maintaining a steady flow of passengers through the airport terminal and its various points of sale. You can rest assured that our operations are designed with your convenience in mind.

Comply with Industry Standards

As noted at the beginning of this section, airport security is non-negotiable. In particular, it is considered best practice to ensure that payment technologies are protected with adequate security measures. Beyond this, though, there are specific rules and regulations that airport authorities must be aware of. For example, PCI DSS 9.9 is one such standard that the use of payment terminal stands can help towards compliance with. To learn more about payment security standards and the importance of compliance, check out our press release

Improved Brand Image

As has been made clear in this blog, the use of payment terminal stands in airport operations is extremely beneficial. Combined, these benefits ultimately help to foster an enhanced brand image.


Havis Payment Terminal Stand Solutions 

Industry Leading Solutions

With over 80 years of expertise, Havis is proud to be the industry leader in payment terminals that stand for use across a number of industries. Havis is dedicated to designing and manufacturing reliable payment mounting solutions for the market’s newest and most popular payment devices.

The Havis portfolio boasts an ever-growing selection of metal, composite, and charging payment terminal stands that offer game-changing levels of security, whether through locks, tethers, and/or anti-skimming and port-blocking brackets. 

Durability & Reliability

In busy, high-traffic environments like airports, it is vital to implement durable and reliable solutions. Using poor-quality mounting solutions for valuable technology risks accidental damage, theft, and other incidents, which could ultimately result in interrupted service and hindered airport operations.

With this in mind, Havis is proud to provide some of the industry’s most robust and high-quality technology mounting solutions. With Havis payment terminal stands, airport personnel can confidently provide reliable services for travelers and achieve the streamlined airport operations that are crucial to customer experience and, ultimately, the financial bottom line. 


Airport terminals are packed full of many different points of sale, whether it be check-in desks, retail stores, or restaurants. Given the many places within airports requiring a point of sale, it is only fitting that a wide range of different mounting solutions exist to cater to all kinds of POS systems.

Havis understands this need for versatility, and its payment terminal stands and point-of-sale mounting solutions are ideal for use in a range of different airport scenarios. The inherent versatility of these payment solutions means that Havis can be your partner in streamlining airport operations from one end of the terminal to the other. 

Cost-Effective Upgrades

As suggested, the significant initial investment in airport technology means using the best solutions purchased is crucial. With this in mind, Havis is pleased to offer a number of cost-effective payment terminal stand upgrades. For instance, with Havis’s unique backplate system for FlexiPole payment terminal stands, airport authorities and airport retailers/hospitality organizations can easily upgrade to new POS devices in future, without the need to replace the entire stand.

Charging Stand Options

Last but not least, with mobile payments becoming increasingly popular across various industries, the Havis portfolio also features a growing number of mPOS (mobile point of sale) solutions.

With Havis charging stands, airport personnel can ensure that mPOS devices are always charged and ready to go mobile. These stands also offer the ability to switch between fixed and mobile points of sale as and when required. As such, Havis charging stands offer another way for airport management to enhance the traveler experience and achieve streamlined airport operations.


Considering the benefits explored throughout this blog post, payment terminal stands are clearly essential to optimizing points of sale throughout the terminal environment, enhancing customer experience, and ultimately streamlining airport operations overall.

To explore Havis’s broader portfolio of innovative solutions for aviation, visit our website here.


Havis, Inc. is a privately held, ISO 9001-certified company that is the leader in providing robust and reliable end-to-end technology mounting and mobility solutions in demanding environments. The Havis legacy dates back over 80 years as a trusted designer and manufacturer of critical equipment that ensures critical technology is accessible, secure and reliable.

Havis’s engineering and manufacturing teams are committed to consistently researching and developing unique products and solutions for a range of industries worldwide. With headquarters in Warminster, PA, and additional locations in Plymouth, MI, Burnsville, MN, and in the UK, Havis currently employs more than 400 team members. For more information on Havis, please call 1.800.524.9900 or visit http://www.havis.com.

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