Havis Payment Terminal Stands Help Merchants Meet New PCI SSC Standards

WARMINSTER, PA, June 29, 2023 – Havis, Inc, a leading global manufacturer of technology mobility and mounting solutions, helps retailers meet the requirements of PCI SSC standards with an ever-expanding range of innovative payment terminal stands and security accessories.

The PCI Security Standards Council

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) is a global forum that brings together key stakeholders from the payments industry to develop and drive the implementation of security standards for safe, secure payments for customers worldwide.

PSI SSC Standards

Since the PCI Security Standards Council launched in 2006, the security standards have undergone numerous iterations and currently consist of six main categories: two of which are PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and PIN Transaction Security (PCI PTS). Regardless of business size, type, or number of transactions, all merchants must comply with PCI Security Standards Council requirements.

Evolving Requirements

The PCI SSC has extended the expiration of PCI PTS 4.0 until March 31st, 2024. After this date, manufacturers will no longer be allowed to sell 4.0 payment terminals.  Focused on the technical and operational requirements to protect credit card information, PIN Transaction Security Point of Interaction (PTS POI) standards are currently in version 6.2. They are focused on security measures to prevent physical tampering, unauthorized access and the insertion of malware on payment devices, which could, in turn result in customers’ payment information being compromised. Given the potential consequences of non-compliance and the potential for the use of outdated hardware being perceived as a business having a less secure setup, it is critical for businesses of all types and sizes to operate in compliance with these standards.

Why Havis?

As a leading global provider of technology mounting and security solutions, Havis, Inc is well-positioned to help organizations upgrade their payment terminal solutions in line with the above PCI SSC requirements. For over 20 years, Havis has been assisting retailers worldwide to securely mount and protect both their payment terminals and customers’ valuable credit card information.

Options for Refreshing Your Payment Terminal Estate

Havis provides a comprehensive portfolio of payment terminal stands and accessories for many of the newest and most popular devices on the market, with stands available in a range of heights, styles, and materials. By mounting a payment terminal to a stand and then to a fixed location such as a checkout counter, retailers can benefit by protecting their valuable technology from accidental damage, tampering, theft, and/or substitution. In turn, mounting devices also assist with ADA requirements for usability, ensuring that all customers can easily and comfortably make payments.

Upgrading Your Credit Card Terminal with Havis

Havis can offer retailers several options for their payment terminal upgrade. Firstly, Havis can refresh the estate with brand new stands. Secondly, Havis has solutions that enable retailers to make use of existing stand bases while still benefiting from brand-new mechanisms and an ever-expanding portfolio of device-specific backplates. Thirdly, as a leader in custom mounting solutions, Havis can also work with companies to create the ideal credit card terminal stand to suit their requirements.

Enhancing Credit Card Terminal Security

With Havis, retailers can also achieve even higher levels of security. By incorporating tethers, locks or, security screws, retailers can prevent payment terminals from being removed from stands or tampered with by unauthorized persons. In turn, skimming also represents a significant threat to customers when making payments. Card skimming overlays are often extremely difficult to detect, so there is the danger of customer data being stolen when they make a purchase. To avoid this, Havis anti-skimming brackets prevent the attachment of hard-to-detect skimming devices by criminals and are a worthwhile addition to any stand. Similarly, port blocking features are an essential element of effective and secure payment terminal stands. Without taking steps to block ports, criminals can easily access and plug into credit card machines in order to steal information from customers’ payments.

This Is Your Sign To Take Action

In light of the various threats detailed in this press release, it is vital to take the required steps to meet PCI SSC standards and protect customer transactions. Contact your payment processor or the PCI SSC for further details on the requirements. Likewise, as an industry-leading hardware provider, Havis would also love to help with your upgrade.

For more information, contact [email protected] or visit www.havis.com.


Havis, Inc. is a privately held, ISO 9001-certified company that is the leader in providing rugged mobility solutions in demanding environments. The Havis legacy dates back over 80 years as a trusted designer and manufacturer of mission-critical equipment. Our ergonomically designed vehicle mounts and technology docking maximizes productivity & comfort without sacrificing quality, reliability, or durability. Channel and OEM partnerships lead to solutions spanning Public Safety, Retail & Hospitality, Energy & Utilities, Warehouse & Distribution, Field operations, Transportation & Logistics, Healthcare and Military, Defense & Aerospace. 

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