Technological Innovation at the Heart of Mexico’s Railway

Multimodal transportation is one key factor of Mexico’s supply chain, with increasing demands of transport methods and an infrastructure more resilient and
flexible. The Mexican railway system has modernized over the last 25 years, becoming a reliable means of freight transportation, allowing companies like
Ferrovalleto to move 500 thousand containers of goods and merchandise annually to meet the daily needs of the industry and commerce of Mexico City and 27
other municipalities in the surrounding areas, with 22 million inhabitants served by the company in the Valley of Mexico..

The Challenges

On-Time Delivery of Containers with Real-Time Traceability

Ferrovalle needed to ensure on-time delivery of containers with real-time traceability. The challenge was to enable all players to interact with the SLI using
resilient hardware, and to ensure efficient wireless connectivity from any place in the terminal.

Five different brands of tablets were tested, and it was Getac technology that scored best in all the exercises to which the tablets were subjected. The railway company required a technological ally that would provide the confidence and security that it’s highly demanding operation demands. Getac shared its specialized vision to accompany the technological implementation of SLI: it sought to understand the needs of each operator in the field to customize and complement its solutions with the necessary features, certifications and guarantees that would allow Ferrovalle to automate its processes and intelligently manage key information generated at every step of the operation.

Getac tablets, together with the dockings developed by Havis, were the solutions chosen by Ferrovalle as they are intrinsically robust devices, designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, impacts, high vibrations, high and low temperatures, humidity, dust and drops of up to 1.8 meters. Its devices are
MIL-STD 810H certified, capable of withstanding drops and impacts, strong changes in temperature and humidity; as well as IP67 certification, which indicates their dust-tight sealing and protection against contact.

The chosen solutions not only enable the railway company to respond quickly to incidents and requests, but also improve control of staff activity with applications such as dynamic scheduling, time tracking, alerts and more, to ensure that their professionals maintain high productivity. By having better connectivity, access to their core data and systems is guaranteed, facilitating total visibility of their rail network, so the tablets helped meet the need to track assets and have access to this data in real time, as timely information provides Ferrovalle with decision-making power as well as key service data intelligence.

However, an equally important component for the success of the solution would be to provide the appropriate docking supports that, while having the mission to facilitate their daily use in a practical way and protect the newly acquired devices, should also allow at all times, access to the different peripheral accessories, connections and power supply. Havis, a specialist in dockings for mobile workers, was integrated as part of the solution, as it has been a key partner of Getac for several years, so it shares this sensitivity for the customization of each solution in the field, providing security but also efficiency and practicality for the end user.

The Getac Solution

The demand on the hardware is permanent in Ferrovalle, given that its operation extends over 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also for the operating system, given the scaling of the software utilities that Ferrovalle’s systems innovation team continues to incorporate. Robustness and sustainability: “The results were convincing. The contrast of the screen in full sunlight and at night. Resistance to shocks, scratches, vibrations and its performance in rainy conditions are positive. Another advantage is the guarantee and speed of after-sales service”, emphasizes Israel Rodríguez, Network Leader at Ferrovalle.

“We needed a robust piece of equipment that would allow real-time logging and tracking of all container events; that would allow us to easily capture information to keep that zero distance from our customers. The operating system keeps updating and we needed hardware that was equally up to date. The Getac equipment was 100% SLI compliant: there are no bottlenecks, no delays in the operation and use of the system. This means that we have good operational and financial control of the movements carried out, increasing productivity and compliance with the company’s business policies,” adds Edgar Hernández, Ferrovalle’s Intermodal Development Manager.

One of the lowest average failure rates in the industry and a Bumper-to-Bumper service warranty that covers accidental damage make Getac solutions sustainable options that align with the rail leader’s technology investment objectives. Similarly, Havis tablet mounts not only make it easy to mount tablets at key points, but also protect the investment made by extending their lifespan.

Flexibility, mobility and precision in operation: Getac solutions have allowed the flexibility the company was looking for to implement SLI in its yards. The mobility of the company’s employees, who are always connected, has benefited the operation. The capture of information by crane or on foot allowed for increased security by including the taking of photographs of the license plates of the trucks and their operators accessing the terminal, standardizing and reducing times in the logistics process without sacrificing accuracy.

Similarly, its fully integrated solutions Integral and customizable solutions include peripherals, Havis smart dockings for mounting, device charging, portability solutions, security and connectivity software, as well as a range of accessories and customizations, allowing for a solid integration with the value proposition of Ferrovalle’s daily operation.

The Havis Solution

Havis, a leading manufacturer of specialized products and dockings for mobile or remote workers, joined this synergy in order to provide fully integrated solutions designed for reliable and easy handling of equipment in the field. Its dockings or support stations, tailored for tablets, took into consideration important attributes for their daily use, such as the need for a secure and ergonomic coupling for one-handed operation, optional triple antenna pass-thru connections, integrated cable management system and support for USB accessories.

This attention to detail and a comprehensive understanding of the workday at Ferrovalle ensures the use of robust technology in real-world scenarios of daily operation. Havis accessories and mounts offer a strategic location to support, charge and connect not only Getac tablets, but also the essential peripherals for each task. After all, the seamless integration of technology into the rail giant’s daily operation boosts its practical efficiency without sacrificing the quality, safety or longevity of the new devices.

Ferrovalle Results

Strategically located in the Valley of Mexico, Ferrovalle is the heart of the country’s railroad connection, housing more than 500 thousand containers in its yards, where eight to ten double-stack trains connect daily in its yards with more than a thousand trucks, to make possible the exchange of merchandise for hundreds of trade operations carried out by its customers bound for the megalopolis.

Undoubtedly, the Valley of Mexico is the largest urban destination receiving cargo and therefore, an essential last mile for several key industries, which requires one of the most accurate and dynamic logistics systems, both in volume and efficiency. Ferrovalle has the most important specialized intermodal terminal in Mexico and the largest in Latin America, in terms of facilities, services, scope and volume.