Major Grocer, USA

The Challenges


The prevalence of (ATM) card skimming is a major challenge facing merchants of all types and sizes. Skimming devices are usually extremely challenging to detect as they generally mimic the look of the real device pin pad underneath. When making payments, customers expect the device (both hardware and software) to be secure and safe to use. As such, it is crucial that merchants prevent the attachment of skimming devices with anti skimming solutions in order to protect their customers’ valuable card data from being compromised.

Data Theft via Port Access

Another challenge facing those taking payments via a credit card terminal is data theft. Criminals are known to use card reader ports as a means to steal customer card data. Without taking steps to block ports on payment devices, criminal malware can be inserted and installed and as a result, customer card information will be compromised.

Other Forms of Theft & Criminal Interference

Theft, tampering and other forms of criminal interference are also important for merchants to consider. With both theft and accidental damage being likely, it is best practice to secure the payment terminal to a solid stand or mounting solution, and in turn, to a counter or hard surface. In turn, given that other forms of tampering and criminal interference are also likely, additional security measures should also be utilized whether this be tethers, locks and/or security screws.

Client Problem Statement

This Major US Grocer approached Havis with the requirement for a payment terminal stand for the Verifone M400 payment device. The stand needed to include anti-skimming and port-blocking security features to protect against rampant card fraud, data theft and other criminal interference at the point of sale.

The Havis Solution

Along with a retail-hardened payment terminal stand, Havis provided a rear-locking kit with anti-skimming and port-blocking technology, as well as security screws and tethers. Anti-skimming solutions such as this prohibit the installation of full overlay, keypad skimming devices. With an anti skimming device installed, the card reader is protected from private card information and customer data being recorded and stolen by criminals.

The port-blocking add-on also helped to secure the credit card terminal as it prohibits criminals from accessing the data ports on the device and stealing customer payment data.

In turn, the chance of theft was also significantly reduced through the safe, secure mounting of both the device and stand. The credit card terminal was secured to the mounting plate and the payment terminal stand itself was also secured to the counter. Security screws and tethers were also installed for added security.

Overall, this Havis solution aided the client with PCI compliance and provided greater security for both the business and its customers.

Technological Innovation at the Heart of Mexico’s Railway
Technological Innovation at the Heart of Mexico’s Railway