Havis at NRF 2024: Explore Cutting-Edge End-to-End Solutions for Retail & Hospitality


What is the National Retail Federation (NRF)?

Hosted by the National Retail Federation, NRF 2024 – Retail’s Big Show is the largest annual event for the retail industry and is a must-attend gathering for retail professionals. NRF sees over 40,000 attendees annually and boasts an expo featuring over 1,000 top exhibitors, 170+ educational sessions, and networking events. Set to be hosted at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City from January 14th to 16th, NRF 2024 promises to be an exciting few days for attendees to discover the latest retail innovations, gain access to key retail decision-makers, and foster essential relationships.

Havis at NRF 2024

Visitors can find Havis at NRF Booth #5867 from January 14th to 16th, 2024. At the Havis Booth, visitors can meet Havis’s team of industry experts who will be on hand to provide insights and recommendations tailored to your business needs. Plus, experience hands-on demonstrations of our cutting-edge solutions and learn more about their real-world applications and benefits.

New & Exciting Havis Solutions for the Retail Industry

At NRF 2024, Havis is set to unveil a comprehensive suite of innovative, end-to-end solutions tailored to the ever-evolving needs of the retail, hospitality, and warehousing industries. At the Havis Booth (#5867), attendees can immerse themselves in an end-to-end retail experience, exploring a wide range of solutions from curbside and front of store to the warehouse and last mile. Plus, visitors can learn more about Havis’s expanding range of solutions for Restaurants, Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), and other hospitality venues in our curated Restaurant Solutions section.

Some highlights to look forward to at the Havis Booth include:

Payment Terminal Stands

At Booth #5867, visitors can discover Havis’s state-of-the-art payment terminal solutions designed to protect retail technology, ensure safe transactions, and enhance the retailer and customer experience.

POS Displays & Mounting Solutions

Learn how to optimize points of sale across retail stores with innovative solutions for checkout, self-checkout, product look-up, back-of-store/warehouse use, and more.

Mobile Payment Solutions

Havis makes innovation and keeping up with industry trends like mobility and mobile point of sale easy. At NRF, visitors can explore Havis’s expansive portfolio of protective mobility solutions designed to protect mobile payment and computing devices while providing enhanced usability.

Kiosk Solutions

With self-service being another critical trend in the retail sector, visitors can stop by the Havis booth to get a hands-on experience with our innovative kiosk solutions, expertly designed for use across retail, hospitality, and restaurant/QSR settings.


Learn more about Havis’s broad selection of carts for use across the retail industry, from the front of the store to the back of the warehouse.

Forklift Mounting & Docking Solutions

Witness why Havis is one of the industry leaders in rugged warehouse mounting and docking solutions. At the Havis NRF Booth, visitors will be able to discover the best ways to enhance mobility in the warehouse, explore solutions that keep warehouses connected, and simplify the processes between warehouses and distribution.

Last Mile Delivery Solutions

Lastly, visit Booth #5867 to explore how Havis helps simplify the final step in the supply chain delivery process with rugged, secure docking and mounting solutions for demanding warehouse and in-vehicle environments.


Industry Trends & Thought Leadership

As a pioneer in the field, Havis designs and engineers solutions in line with current and future industry trends. Havis collaborates closely with businesses of all types and sizes to create solutions to the challenges they are currently facing or will face in the future.

Industry Trend – Mobility

Mobility continues to be a growing trend, with retailers reporting some of their top priorities to be mobile point of sale and applications such as mobile endless aisle and clienteling. However, with mobile devices comes the need to protect them and ensure they are always charged and ready for mobile use. As a critical player in the mPOS space, Havis’s proprietary Mobile Protect solutions help businesses across retail and hospitality achieve their mobility goals while ensuring valuable technology is always charged and protected. In turn, providing a safe location to mount, dock, and store mobile equipment and ensuring seamless connectivity are also extremely important, and Havis again helps businesses with this necessity. To learn more, read our recent blog post.

Industry Trend – Self-Checkout

Self-checkout has been one of the biggest trends in the retail industry in recent years. Nowadays, a significant proportion of consumers opt for the self-service option, and many even expect to see self-checkouts in stores as a standard. Havis offers a universal self-service kiosk portfolio, ideal for retail and hospitality use cases such as self-checkout, order entry, product look-up, fitting rooms, and more. With a Havis kiosk solution, businesses can bring their own technology and customize it to suit their brand’s needs.

Industry Trend – Security

No matter the type or size of your business, security is essential – not only for the company’s sake but for customers’ too. Take payment security, for example; card skimming is one of the most common ways data breaches occur. In fact, recent data has shown that card skimming in the USA grew five-fold in 2022, up by a concerning 368% from the previous year. Once attached to your payment terminal, skimming devices are incredibly challenging to protect. As such, it is critical that vendors take the necessary steps to ensure devices are protected from skimmers. To learn more about the importance of payment terminal security in particular and how Havis can help, read our recent press release here.

Industry Trend – E-Commerce

When it comes to e-commerce, Havis understands the importance of creating streamlined processes to get products from A to B quickly and efficiently. Retailers must empower employees to work comfortably and effectively and can do so through secure, reliable technology hardware solutions. For example, Havis Docking Stations keeps the user connected online and allow dedicated access to essential software and data e-commerce employees are required to do their jobs (e.g., order information, inventory levels, and more).

Industry Trend – Convertible Point of Sale

In recent years, the retail industry has seen an increasing shift towards convertible points of sale to streamline the checkout process and empower store employees. Havis understands the need to enhance the experience of both retail sales associates and customers. Through our versatile, convertible point-of-sale solutions, Havis gives companies the power and freedom to focus on what truly matters – boosting retail sales, delivering exceptional customer service, and creating memorable shopping experiences.

For further insights into current market trends, check out this new industry report.

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For further information on the National Retail Federation itself, click here.

Connect with Havis at NRF 2024

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If you wish to schedule a meeting with Havis representatives during NRF 2024, please contact us at [email protected] or via the contact form on our website here. We would love to meet with you at retail’s big show!

Don’t Miss Out!

Havis invites all NRF 2024 attendees to visit Booth #5867 to discover how Havis’s end-to-end technology mounting and mobility solutions can help to boost sales and take your business operations to the next level. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to stay ahead of industry trends like those discussed above and explore the future of retail, hospitality and warehousing technology.

Havis cannot wait to see you in New York City!


Havis, Inc. is a privately held, ISO 9001-certified company that is the leader in providing robust and reliable end-to-end technology mounting and mobility solutions in demanding environments. The Havis legacy dates back over 80 years as a trusted designer and manufacturer of critical equipment that ensures critical technology is accessible, secure and reliable.

Havis’s engineering and manufacturing teams are committed to consistently researching and developing unique products and solutions for a range of industries worldwide. With headquarters in Warminster, PA, and additional locations in Plymouth, MI, Burnsville, MN, and in the UK, Havis currently employs more than 400 team members. For more information on Havis, please call 1.800.524.9900 or visit http://www.havis.com.

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